If you’ve ever owned a figure from Sideshow Collectibles, you know that you’re getting the very best in what a “toy” could be. The articulation and the sculpts are the things of legend, and I have yet to find a company that can compare to what they’re doing. When I also think of perfection, I think Kurt Russell’s hairdo in John Carpenters, Escape From New York. That quaf was epic in it’s 80’s charm, and now Sideshow has recreated it in stunning plastique.

The new Sixth Scale Snake Plissken is retailing for only $160 bucks! The figure has his signature eye-patch and cobra tattoo. Along with that, muscle shirt and distressed leather jacket, urban camo pants, shin guards and combat boots. But wait, THERE’S MORE. The one-eyed marauder will be packing an USPF-issued submachine gun with detachable silencer, scope and spare mags, his sidearm revolver with scope, and an array of throwing stars. Snake, ever the health nut will have a cigarette in hand, along with a radio and wrist time-clock and tracker. If you’re going for the “Exclusive Edition”, Sideshow is including an additional swap out hand with cassette tape containing The President’s secret nuclear fusion information!

The regular and Exclusive editions will each be priced at $159.99, with installment payment plans available. Check out the pics below!

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The Six Scale Snake Plissken will be available for pre-order this Thursday October 24th HERE!