I’m really not sure where the sequel to Silent Hill is going to go, but whatever, they made a sequel and it looks good and it comes out October 26th. It doesn’t take much for me to watch a horror movie, especially around Halloween-time; so I’m sure that I’ll be there. Regardless, Silent Hill: Revelation is directed by Michael J. Bassett; which I didn’t realize until right now is the director to Soloman Kane. If you haven’t seen Soloman Kane yet, DO IT. It’s been out for a few years now, but only in Europe, where you can purchase the bluray here. If not, you can wait for the US release which will be sometime in the next couple months since the movie is FINALLY hitting the US theatres. It’s basically Vampire Hunter D and Van Helsing (both inspired by Soloman Kane in fact) combined.

Below, there is an international poster for the new Silent Hill and in my opinion it seems VERY Drew Struzan-esque. You can check out my article on the famous poster maker here, and tell me what you think. Either way, it’s pretty cool. Also below there is a new TV Spot for the movie. Who has bets that Sean Bean doesn’t live in this one either?