After 25th season, it can be expected that The Simpsons have covered almost everything.  And what has been missing until now?  LEGO SIMPSONS.

Lego Homer

That’s right folks, this Sunday (May 5th) on FOX, we get to see the Simpsons in a Lego story of their own.  And from you’ll see from the trailer below, it looks like an extremely clever episode, as the Lego world and the normal 2D Simpsons world are separate realities.

This episode will the the 20th episode of their 25th Season, marking it the 550th episode.

The Simpsons have had their ups and downs, but despite some lower rated seasons, they’re still one of the better shows on television.  More importantly, they’re weekly episodes keep them still part of our lives.  And it’s episodes like this, the touch upon our favorite subjects, that make it such a show.

Lego Simpsons

Tune into FOX this Sunday, at 8PM/7PM central.