Now that I have your attention, let me remind you of the super awesome, 12 day marathon of all The Simpsons episodes on FFX.  That’s right… all 552 episodes in a row, starting tomorrow, August 21st, in what FXX is titling: “Every Simpsons Ever“.

As if that wasn’t awesome enough, they released this amazing trailer for it, which is clearly right up the Simpsons alley.  Check it out right here:

And what is something that makes anything even better?  LEGOS!  So, while we’re on the Simpsons front, check out this LEGO version of Springfield by Matt De Lanoy (who had also made one of New New York from Futurama by the way), which was debuted at Brickworld Chicago!  Check out this photo right here, and under that, a video going through the entire town…

Lego Town

What’s impressive is how even the interiors of the buildings have been set up!  Take a look for yourself.

Are you excited for The Simpsons marathon?  What town would you like to see made in Legos?