Now You’ve Done it – EA Sims 4 Announcement Spawns Petition
Feel the weight of our rights to peacefully assemble Evil Emp…Electronic Arts! First you show us these absolutely stunning images and features in the new Sims game and then you go and do this…
Okay, fine, I get it, it is not enough for you for players to pay $60+ Simoleons on a game and then release some major character/plot point/quest line as a first-day PAID DLC unless you are one of “those” (myself included) who shelled out the E3-2010-The-Sims-3-Consoles-Photosextra money for the collector’s edition. THIS I was not so much angered by, but I find the whole situation distasteful and completely unnecessary. Just make a complete game. Just do it. It isn’t that hard, the industry had been doing it for over thirty years and plenty of studios still do it. I’m fine with downloading new stuff a few months after I’ve exhausted what the game can do, I’m even fine with paying money for it (though seriously, charging $20 for a pack that only adds an hour or two of content to the game is not okay and you really, really need to figure that out).
I am NOT OKAY with telling me that a critical component of any Sims game will not be shipping with the title in the Fall. I was all ready to hand over my money when THIS was announced. I’m a little concerned about the toddlers, I mean, how the hell are babies supposed to go from infant hood to tiny human phase without that awkward period where they are stumbling around like a twenty-one year old on their first bar crawl.
Why can’t I have swimming pools? Is it so difficult to add a feature that has been in EVERY SIMS GAME EVER on the first day? How am I supposed to trap a Sim and watch them flail in misery as they realize they will never leave that pool. NEVER.
This is making me sound like a sadist, I know, but isn’t that the point? The Sims was my safe place from teenage hood to adulthood to deal with those complex and unsettling experiences that come with growing up. You never hear about some sad or angry kid acting out their aggressions or unhappiness because they played The Sims too much, in fact, I’ll bet they didn’t because watching a Sim you don’t care for disappear from existence is not only satisfying, it is legal.
And don’t even for a minute say that you enjoyed the pools because it was important for your Sim to exercise. Do. Not. Even. We all know what you do in the swimming pool. And EA wants to take that away from you.
So, unsurprisingly, a petition has been started in hopes we can compel the Powers-that-be that we need these features. It would be like releasing a Mario game and then making you wait for Mario.
I will be watching this —situation— unfold and I will update you accordingly.
If you are with me, and with the people who want change, help me stand up to our digital oppressors by signing this petition (even if it won’t go anywhere).