Roberto Orci is a pretty busy guy. Sony not only has him writing the sequels to The Amazing Spider-Man, he’s also been commissioned to work on Venom and Sinister Six films! He recently sat down to chat with IGN to talk about just how they plan on pulling these movies off!


He wants to make sure we care about these villains:

[box_light]The stories that we have for these guys, they’re tragic villains, you’re going to find out, a little bit. It’s not as simple as “Evil dude shows up.”[/box_light]

On how to make the villains into a film:

[box_light]”That’s the discussion we’re having right now; how exactly do you do that, and how do you do it without betraying the audience and making them all mean? Drew Goddard [Cabin Fever] is going to be writing that one, so it’s kind of his problem. [Laughs] I’m kidding. We’re all working on each other’s stuff. So we want to be true to it, but there are some antiheroes in this day and age. There’s been examples of that even on TV — Vic Mackey on The Shield, one of the great antiheroes of all time. There are ways to milk that story. Audiences have seen everything. They’ve seen all the good guys who never do anything wrong. Is there a story in seeing the other side? That’s the challenge, and that’s the fun. I’m not sure how we’re going to do that yet.”[/box_light]

Orci says that OsCorp is the big bad, and the symbiotic won’t be an alien.

[box_light]”Oscorp plays an important part in how our villains get created, obviously, in the first one. So because Peter becoming Spider-Man came out of that, rather than saying, “And then this alien came from space,” or whatever, they’re doing human-hybrid, weird stuff at Oscorp.”[/box_light]

I can’t wait to see how this all comes about. I don’t think that Venom is a good choice for his own movie, but I can fully get behind a Sinister Six film. I’m a fan of Orci though, so we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

thanks to IGN for the interview.

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Via: TotalFilm