Did someone say indie comics? You know that we are fans of Greg Capullo here at DFAT and this project caught our attention when it listed Greg Capullo as a variant cover artist. If you know anything about my collecting style, I’m all about the variant covers by my favorite artists. Check out the official release and more for Sisterhood!

“Sisterhood” eager to unwrap with help of Capullo, Parrillo and more

(December 16, 2019 ~ The Netherlands) Love, betrayal and an epic battle, Mummies and Monsters – all in ONE intense self-contained comic.

Join the Sisterhood-armada fandom in the next installment of Richard Boom’s instant Kickstarter success, “SISTERHOOD”! Questions answered,secrets revealed! That is a promise! And with only 4 days left, it is a sure thing!

The dust of many centuries has settled on the graves of The Order of Justice. Until 1917. In that year an excavation in Egypt released the spirits of the mummified priestesses of this order who now come back to life to save people from evil, originating from humans or of supernatural origin.

Introducing Greg Capullo (Spawn, Haunt, Batman) as the variant cover-artist to the new Sisterhood oneshot is an honor for creator Richard Boom, who is fast to explain “the covers might look as stunning as amazing yet the interiors are able to be read by all, PG-style. No gore, nor nudity! The flavor of the series is a combination of Charlie’s Angels mixed with Supernatural and Indiana Jones and you get a good feeling of where this might be going.”

Aside from a variant cover, graciously provided by Greg Capullo, there is art by Lucio Parrillo, Juan Jose Ryp (Valiant’s RAI) and Paul McCaffrey as well.

And there be praise! PRAISE, can you say PRAISE?!
From Justin Gray (Power Girl, Jonah Hex) to Billy Tucci (SHI, Zombie-Sama, Harley Quinn) to Thomas Sniegoski (NY Times Bestselling Author, Buffyverse, Vampirella) there be Praise!

Artist Capullo will be presented via a colored cover as well as a limited pencil-variant Artist Appreciation Cover, presenting one of the members of the Sisterhood as only Greg Capullo can.

As publisher Richard Boom (BAD Press Comics) is planning all sort of Sisterhood oneshots it is clear that “Fall Of Dymonos” is the second oneshot. It delves deeper into two of the characters mentioned in the first story “Mystery Unravels” as well as giving more context to another character. Still both issues can be read separately. The first comic established the Sisterhood as a team, the second will give more context history-wise and then a few upcoming stories will focus more on single persona’s like Gwynn who will be going up against Nazi Werewolves.

For this “Fall Of Dymonos” project, it was writer Victor Kruithof who developed the story and artist Markus von Renthe-Fink turning the 9-p script into a 22-p full story. Richard Boom explains that “the dynamic process of this teamwork is what drives me to this day! Without amazing artist like Renee Rienties (working on the backup story) and Markus von Renthe-Fink (drawing the main story) there would not even BE an issue today.”

“Fall Of Dymonos” will be a 29 (22+7) story-pages in a 36-page book, 115 grams paper stock! TWO stories, FOUR writers, TWO artists all in ONE comic!

Synopsis Main Story: Upon returning to his mansion, high-priest Dymonos makes a heart-wrenching discovery that not only lets him question his loyalty towards his master, the mighty god Khepri, but also sets him on a path of righteous revenge and destruction. Then again – sometimes, not all is at it seems. Brace yourselves for love, heartbreak, daddy-issues and all-out mayhem as we dive deeply into the Sisterhood’s ancient past and learn how Dymonos became the man/spirit he is today in a yarn we like to call “The Fall of Dymonos: Whom Gods Destroy”!

Please join the ongoing stories of the SISTERHOOD, as it develops via the Kickstarter and Indiegogo platform

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Writer(s): Victor Kruithof, Gert-Jan van Oosten, Markus von Renthe-Fink, Richard Boom
Artist(s): Markus von Renthe-Fink, Renee Rienties
Cover Artist(s): Markus von Renthe-Fink (A), Greg Capullo (B), Greg Capullo (C)

FC | 36 pages | $5 – $10 – $15 | Action-Adventure, Horror | PG