Skyrim on the PS3 has not been treated so nice! From launch issues that prevailed well into the months after, to not getting content patches that the 360 and PC versions received, its been a rough time to be an Elder Scrolls fan who also plays on PS3. Things are looking somewhat brighter though, as Bethesdas twitter account was updated with the following earlier this afternoon

1.7 title update for Skyrim expected to release this Thurs. on 360 (worldwide) and PS3 (N. America). PS3 (Europe) release next week

Both the 360 and PC versions of the game received Patch 1.6 in June, yet nothing was said about the PS3, which is significant because along with various bug fixes and whatnot, it also added mounted combat into the game, a feature that makes gameplay a lot more varied.
Bethesda has previously said that all of the 1.6 updates will be rolled into the 1.7 for PS3, so rejoice Ps3 Owners! We finally get same-day patching (well in North America), and we can fight on horses!!!!

~Phil Oxland