This is definitely an explosive way to start off Season 2.  The dynamic duo is at it again, trying to stop Moloch from wreaking havoc on Sleepy Hollow and the world.  In last season’s finale, Ichabod is buried alive by Henry, who we discover is Ichabod and Katrina’s son, Jeremy.  He is also revealed to be the second Horseman of the Apocalypse, War.  Abbie is stuck in Purgatory while trying to save Katrina.  In a nutshell she takes the place for Katrina Crane, because in Purgatory when someone leaves another has to take their place.  Jenny is in a car accident, and Katrina escapes Purgatory only to be kidnapped by the Horseman of Death.

Henry uses trickery and illusion on Abbie and Ichabod to find out where Ben Franklin’s key is hidden.  It almost worked, but Ichabod saw right through the smoke and mirrors.  However, Henry did get a consolation prize: Jenny.  She holds a vital clue to solving the mystery as to where the key is hidden.  Sleepy Hollow this is war 01He kidnaps her and interrogates her for information.  He gets what he needs and orders his henchman to kill her.  Having escaped his deathly grave, Ichabod tries to contact Jenny hoping to find her before she is killed.  He succeeds and they both getaway.

It’s a rat race between Henry, Jenny and Ichabod to find that key.  The one who possess Ben Franklin’s key has the ability to open Purgatory and release anybody from it.  Which explains why Henry wants it, he intends to free Moloch and unleash a demon army on Earth.  Ichabod wants it to find Abbie in Purgatory and free her without sacrificing another soul.  With the help of Jenny, he is able to locate the Ben Franklin’s key, free Abbie from Purgatory and prevent Moloch from escaping Purgatory with his demon army.  The bond between these two has become very strong and it is clearly evident that they will do anything for each other, even sacrificing themselves for one another.

Using Ben Franklin’s historical experiment of electricity, the writers come up with a wonderful way to inaugurate season two.  Although I don’t know a lot about Ben Franklin, it is nice to see that the writers has a sense of humor when it comes to giving us a surreal picture of one of the founding fathers.  Timothy Busfield, who plays Ben Franklin, is great.  His voice and his demeanor give us a portrayal of Ben Franklin as a out of the box inventor and a great thinker.  John Noble is also a wonderful addition to the cast.  His take on the role of the Horseman of War is scary.  His deep tone and his British accent bring chills up my spine whenever he is in a scene.  I look forward to seeing him in future episodes.

The only issue I have with this episode is the storyline with Katrina and the Horseman of Death.  Making the Horseman of Death into a love hungry idiot doesn’t make sense.  That storyline was fine in the last season, but I think we need to concentrate on the fact that Moloch is declaring war on Sleepy Hollow and the world.  I’m glad Sleepy Hollow is back.  It gives me something to look forward to on Mondays.  I love how they incorporate historical figures with mystical and supernatural stories.  It makes storytelling more enjoyable.