This is part one of the Fall Season Finale entitled “Magnum Opus”, where all of the chess pieces are falling into place for one hell of a fight between Moloch’s army and the Witnesses.  Emotions run high for Ichabod and Abbie as they search for the ultimate weapon and trying to find their purpose in this battle.  Jenny is off smuggling Irving across the country to Canada for safety after his escape from Tarrytown Psychiatric, and Henry is having some mother issues back at Frederick Manor.

Sleepy Hollow Magnum Opus 01The Good

  • I love the opening scene where Abbie and Ichabod use the card game, “Heads Up” for inspiration to come up with ideas on how to find the ultimate weapon in Gracie Dixon’s Journal. The use of cell phones in replacing playing cards is hilarious and cool.
  • Katrina uses a spell to warn them that Moloch is almost fully grown, and confesses to Ichabod that she failed him and didn’t kill Moloch in time.
  • To make their mission more complex, you throw in one of the lost gospels of the bible, The Book of Enoch, the legend of Methuselah and his ultimate sword that can kill demons, and you have one hell of a bedtime story.
  • Another biblical artifact, the shofar, the trumpet used to defeat the Israelites at Sinai at Jericho is in the hands of Henry. He is going to use it to call Moloch’s army to be at his side.
  • Henry is one step ahead of the Witnesses. He uses Katrina’s enchanted mirror to listen in on Abbie and Ichabod’s conversation about the Methuselah’s sword and dispatches the Horseman to get it before they do.
  • Using one of Ben Franklin’s secret maps, Abbie and Ichabod race against the Horseman to find the sword first.
  • A fight breaks out at the place where the sword is buried with The Horseman and Ichabod, only to be stopped when dawn breaks out and the Horseman is being burned by the sun. Abbie asks Ichabod how he knew the sun would come up, he simply says, “a weather app you downloaded on my cell.”  I love it!
  • One word-Gorgon, need I say more.
  • Abbie’s relationship grows stronger with Ichabod when they are both fighting odds that seem nearly impossible to beat. There are a few strong moments in the episode that they both give each other pep talks that rival Tony Robbins.
  • The final fight between Ichabod and Abraham (the Horseman of Death) is a gut wrenching emotional one, where they finally air out there frustration towards on another. Abrahams final words to Ichabod is powerful, “A moment, a twitch, we are the choices we make in a moment, and I choose to watch you suffer in hell for all eternity, as I ride with your former wife to victory.  I choose who I am.  I am the Horseman of Death.  You have no sword. You are nothing.”
  • When Abraham leaves, Ichabod is left but a shell. Abbie picks him up and says, “He is wrong, you have made choices that lead you to become a Patriot and a hero.”  Thank you Abbie!
  • They eventually find the Sword of Methuselah by using the Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


The Bad

  • Katrina’s spy operation is pretty amateurish. First you want to make sure no one is watching you talk into an enchanted mirror, and then make sure the mirror is useless after you are done with, duh!!!!!
  • More of Henry’s mommy dearest issues, it is getting a little tiresome hearing him complain and how Katrina tries to find some sort of humanity in Henry. Get with the program witch, he is gone over to the dark side.
  • Jenny’s mission to help Irving over to Canada is a weak story. Also Irving is looking pretty weak and tired, how can he fight, let alone stop Henry and Moloch.
  • Where is Hawley?


Sleepy Hollow Magnum Opus 02The Witnesses take on Greek Mythology, Old Testament, and The Horseman of Death all in one day.  What are they going to do the next day?  The entire season, nay the entire series has led up to this point.  The final battle is going to be epic.  Who will survive Henry and Moloch’s reign of terror?  The battle of the ultimate weapon is over; the war for all mankind has just begun.