We return to the town where the strange and apocalyptic occur on a daily basis, Sleepy Hollow.  Moloch is defeated and the apocalypse is averted thanks to the noble efforts of the Witnesses, Ichabod and Abbie; the witch, Katrina Crane; and the Horseman of War, Henry.  The episode moves forward six week later where everything starts to settle down, and things start to get back to normal, well sort of.  There is still the chained prisoner of Abraham, the Horseman of Death being held in Abbie’s make shift prison.Sleepy Hollow Pardise Lost 02

The Good

  • Even though Moloch is dead by the hands of Henry, signs or omens pop up everywhere that there is still a lot of dark presence in Sleepy Hollow.
  • Ichabod feels like all he has is the mission as a Witness, and anything other than that would be pointless. He wonders if he even fits in this world anymore now that Moloch is gone
  • Ichabod and Abbie stumble upon a demonic divination ceremony while patrolling the woods for any apocalyptic residue from the battle with Moloch
  • Daelovli are demonic worshippers that serve demons with great power. Ichabod and Abbie watch as they try to locate their new master with a chanting locating spell in a barn.
  • A rogue angel, Orion, flies into the barn and stops them from accomplishing their objective. Orion’s appearance resembles the angels from the movie
  • He is on a mission to kill the Horseman of Death, because he believes that the Horseman is the next Master of Evil, next to Moloch. Abbie has no problem with that, but Ichabod has some reservation about Orion and his agenda on Earth.
  • There is still some tension between Katrina and Ichabod. Their marriage is falling apart and to make matters worse, she believes she can save Abraham from the Hoseman of Death’s spirit that possess him.  Abbie is not happy about that.
  • Katrina believes that their marriage pushed Abraham to become the Horseman and she feels obligated to save him. Ichabod strongly disagrees, but reluctantly goes with Katrina’s plan.
  • The Horseman escapes Abbie’s stronghold with the help of Katrina to prevent Orion from killing him. Abbie and Orion go after him, while Ichabod researches more on their new friend, Orion.
  • Ichabod finds some very disturbing information of Orion. Throughout history, there has been sighting of an angel called Orion that coincides with some of the greatest catastrophes in human history: Pompeii in 79 A.D. where Mt Vesuvius erupted, Syria in 526 A.D during the Antioch Earthquake, and in Byzantium in 541 A.D. during the Justinian Plague.  Ichabod wonders if he was there to prevent to catastrophes or to create them.
  • Orion confirms to Abbie that he is put on this earth to cleanse the world of the evil in men’s hearts and start a new paradise on earth. Abbie realizes that Orion is a crazy zealot and has to be stopped.
  • With the help of Jenny and Hawley; Abbie, Ichabod, and Orion find Abraham with the Daevoli at the Carriage House. Orion fights the Horseman and nearly defeats him, but Abbie and Ichabod steps in and ambushes Orion and destroys Orion’s power.  He flies away.
  • Abraham spares Ichabod’s life, but vows never to be a prisoner again. He also allows Katrina to try to save him, but not right now.
  • Ichabod and Abbie talk about their friendship and their new role in this new chapter. Their bond is stronger than ever, and they are happy with their new strong friendship.  Katrina and Ichabod vent out their issues and realize that small steps to save their marriage are the best course of action.
  • Chief Irving rises from the dead and drink lots of milk from a local convenient store.

The Bad 

  • Where is Henry? It can’t end that way.
  • The angel Orion is like a cheap knockoff of Supernatural, with Castiel mixed with a brooding attitude of Michael in Legion, which casts only British actors for angels like in
  • More of Katrina’s annoying antics that Abraham can be saved. However, if Abraham is saved it doesn’t dismiss the fact the his anger and jealously was there before he became the Horseman of Death, so no Bro-mance with Ichabod and Abraham in the near future.
  • I hate the fact that Katrina was right all along about Henry, and at the end he saved his parents.
  • The storyline in this episode is fine, but not great. I already miss Henry.

Sleepy Hollow Pardise Lost 01Not a great start for the midseason premier of Sleepy Hollow, but it was okay.  Now that Moloch is gone, what are the Witnesses going to do in the meantime.  The show will return in two weeks, I hope it gets better.