It looks like the Cranes are going on a date to try to rekindle the fire in their marriage.  There’s nothing like wooing a woman than to take her to a dinner party where a serial killer is trapped in a painting that is being displayed at the party.  Abbie discovers that Irving has returned from the dead and him having no clue as to how he got out.

Sleepy Hollow Ep13 01The Good

  • It’s rather comical watching Ichabod try to adapt to the contemporary attire for a night on the town. On the other hand, Katrina looks beautiful in her black evening dress.  No more corset and hoop skirts, redheads seem to have more fun.
  • Abbie is still on the fence about Katrina. She doesn’t trust Katrina after what she has done, but she trusts Ichabod.
  • Michelle Trachtenberg guests stars as John Adam wife, Abigail, and Katrina’s old friend. Her role plays a pivotal part in this episode where she was tracking down a serial killer that has killed so many people.  She and a minister finally trap him in a painting and bind the painting, sealing in the killer forever.
  • An 18th century colonial serial killer sound like a good way to bring a married couple together. Ichabod and Katrina use their investigative skills to track down this serial killer, who found a way to escape his painting prison, and take him down.
  • Abbie and Jenny make a difficult decision to arm themselves with platinum bullets in case Irving turns on them. Abbie is hoping she doesn’t have to use them.

Sleepy Hollow Ep13 02The Bad

  • Chief Reyes is not a strong enough character yet, hopefully she will be a valuable asset.            .
  • The return of Irving is a mystery. But I think it is too soon to bring him back.
  • Where is Henry? Is Henry using Irving for something bigger later?
  • I’m not sure if Abbie is jealous of Katrina in regards to Ichabod, or resents her for not being a team player with handling the Horsemen, and Henry. Does she have feelings for Ichabod?

This week we get a closer look at the fragile relationship of Ichabod and Katrina.  There is nothing like taking down an 18th century colonial serial killer to get your pheromones pumping and to restart your relationship.  Ichabod seems to be warming up to Katrina after her involvement with Abraham and Henry.  Abbie is glad Irving is back, but her cautious side raises a lot of alarms about this.  The apocalypse is over, but there is still a lot of trouble ahead for the gang.