It’s Hawley turn to be the spotlight in this episode.  His past catches up to him when his godmother, Carmilla, finds him and convinces him to go on one last fencing job.  Ichabod and Abbie still have unresolved issues about their partnership.  Former captain Franklin Irving is on trial for the multiple murders of several police officers.

Sleepy Hollow Kali Yuga 02The Good

  • Watching Ichabod and Abbie sing Karaoke is hilarious.
  • Hawley’s godmother visits Sleepy Hollow to enlist him to steal an artifact from the Knox Estate. The same Knox family who built Fort Knox.
  • Hawley’s godmother, Carmilla Pines, is a Vetali; an undead human who possess strength, speed, immortality and serves Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Death.
  • When Hawley and Carmilla are able to attain the artifact from the Knox’s vault, Carmilla betrays him by trying to turn Hawley into a Vetali.
  • Ichabod and Abbie try to stop Carmilla but get trapped in the vault. They are forced to address their recent behavior and miscommunication with one another.  They realize that because of recent events and developments, their partnership has somehow changed to adapt to their new situation.
  • Having escaped the vault, Ichabod, Jenny and Abbie race to find Hawley who is about to be turned into a Vetali by Carmilla. They are able to stop her, but she escapes.
  • After all that has happened, Hawley decides to leave Sleepy Hollow for good, because he is afraid he will bring more danger to his friends.
  • Frank Irving is found not guilty and released. Franklin’s wife is somewhat pleased.  She wants to know if Franklin is really alive or is this just a trick.  She employs Katrina to help.  Katrina does some sort of supernatural spell and determines that Franklin is alive and well and free from Henry’s hold, but something is not right with Franklin.
  • Ichabod and Abbie mend their differences and issues by sing “Proud Mary” Karaoke style.

Sleepy Hollow Kali Yuga 01The Bad

  • Irving’s resurrection has got me puzzled. At the end of the episode I saw a little bit of malicious intent in Irving’s eyes.
  • I will miss Hawley, he is definitely the comic relief of the gang….well sort of.

This is a good episode with a more inside look into Hawley’s past and hopefully resolving any problems with Ichabod and Abbie’s partnership.  Irving’s mysterious return is going to be an ongoing problem down the line for the gang.  Next week should be an exciting one dealing with the Salem Witch Trails.