This week Abbie and Ichabod investigate a missing person’s report of three land surveyors in the tunnels under Sleepy Hollow.  Jenny helps Irving with a personal mission that involves breaking into the police station.  Ichabod reunites with an old friend that reveals something about the Witnesses destiny.Sleepy Hollow What Lies Beneath 02

The Good

  • Thomas Jefferson makes a spiritual guest star appearance to give the Witnesses a remarkable gift to defeat the enemy in the war against evil.
  • Ichabod and Abbie are worried that this war against evil may go on forever, and there is no end in sight.
  • Irving finds Jenny and asks her to help him break into the police station evidence locker to retrieve his wedding ring. Jenny finds that suspicious.
  • Abbie encounters a journalist, Calvin Riggs, whose brother happens to be one of the missing workers. He blackmails Abbie into letting him tag along on the investigation.  Ichabod is not happy about this.
  • In the tunnels, Ichabod finds Thomas Jefferson’s holographic spirit occupying a chamber room filled with books that can help the Witnesses in the war. But Ichabod and Abbie must decide whether to save the missing workers and destroy the power source for the chamber or save the chamber and sacrifice the workers to the reavers.
  • Reavers were Washington’s secret military force that have been supernaturally altered and hidden under the town of Sleepy Hollow in the tunnels to protect a two hundred year old chamber of secrets, and eat anybody who tries to get in.
  • Jenny discovers that Irving is not being truthful about his intentions at the police station, but he convinces her that what he is doing is for his wife and his daughter. His family needs protection from him and their future depends on her helping them leave Sleepy Hollow forever.
  • With Jefferson forcing Abbie and Ichabod to make a decision, they opted to save the missing workers and destroy the chamber and the reavers.
  • Katrina wakes up with Henry sitting next to her. He tells her that he killed Moloch for her and that there is work to be done.  He gives her a rose and one of its thorns cuts her hand.  She wakes and he is then gone, but the wound and the rose is still there.

Sleepy Hollow What Lies Beneath 01The Bad

  • I would have loved to see Ichabod and Abbie find a way to keep the chamber and save the workers at the same time, but choices had to be made.
  • Henry only had one scene in this episode, but that is fine. I know we’ll see more of him next week.

The end is near for this great show.  Only two episodes left, and I’m sad that it may be ending forever.  There are so many more stories to tell.  I just hope the writers do a fantastic job making sure this show ends with a bang.

Sleepy Hollow S2E15 “What Lies Beneath” recap