This week the show tackles one of the most infamous moment in American History; the Salem Witch Trials.  Katrina gets to show more of her magical skills, and Irving finally reveals to us that being back from the dead is not normal.  Abbie, Ichabod, and Katrina must fight off a very powerful warlock from rewriting history.

Sleepy Hollow Spellcaster 01The Good

  • Ichabod tries to trash talk to the warlock, Solomon Kent.
  • Ichabod goes house hunting with Abbie.
  • The Grand Grimoire-a volume of forbidden magic, Blood Magic.
  • The Salem Witch Trials began with Solomon Kent in the 15th He was already a powerful warlock, but his infatuation with a woman created a whirlwind of tragic events and paranoia that killed many witches, including Katrina’s grandmother and most of her coven.
  • Katrina’s magic is getting stronger, and because of this, she felt it proper that she would be the one to stop Solomon Kent. Her battle with Kent didn’t go as planned.  To make matters worse Kent got into her head and made her doubt herself of being a good witch.  He sees darkness inside of her.  He leaves with The Grand Grimoire is his possession.  He speaks ancient Aramaic, “I am the Traveler”.  Abbie and Ichabod come to the realization that Kent intends to go back in time and rewrite history.
  • Henry is back!!! He still is a badass.  He used his powers to exact vengeance upon three thugs who were giving a mother and son problems.  I loved it.
  • I was right about Irving. He is back because of Henry.  I still don’t know Henry’s plan, but I’m sure it is not good.
  • While trying to find Kent, Ichabod and Abbie discuss their role in this battle and their relationship. They come to the conclusion that whatever comes, they will meet it head on and fight together.
  • After Katrina’s defeat against Kent, Ichabod, Abbie, and Irving find a way to defeat Kent. They realize that Katrina’s type of magic, Natural magic uses the elements, more specifically lightning.  They finally are able to defeat Kent, but Irving takes the Grimoire before the others notice it missing.  Irving then hands it to Henry.
  • Katrina tries to use her Natural magic, but it turns against her.

Sleepy Hollow Spellcaster 02The Bad

  • It is obvious that Irving has gone to the dark side, but what is he?
  • What is Henry’s plan?
  • It seems like Katrina is alone in fighting her personal battles. I wish their were somebody who could help her.

This episode is a pretty good one.  I like how they used a significant moment in U.S History to create a great story that only Sleepy Hollow can tell.  I am very glad that Henry is back.  Even though Moloch is gone, Henry still can create a lot of trouble for Abbie and the gang.