First I would like to apologize for the misinformation I received about the fate of the series.  I was led to believe that this is the final season of Sleepy Hollow and these two last episodes were the series finale.  I discovered that Fox Television has renewed Sleepy Hollow for a third season.  I am excited about this, but frustrated to be given bad information and take it face value.

Anyways, the second part of the season finale is a role reversal for Abbie and Ichabod.  This time it is Abbie who is out her element, but she keeps her composure and is driven now more than ever to stop Katrina from doing more harm.  Sleepy Hollow Tempest Fugit 01It is rather comical when a couple of American soldiers stop Abbie and consider her to be a touched runaway slave because of her strange behavior.  She changes the course of history when she gets thrown in jail and forces Captain Ichabod Crane to be pull out of the battle to talk to this allegedly crazy black woman.  Katrina arrives at the military medical ward trying to find Ichabod, but he is nowhere to be found.  Her plan to change history takes a detour due to Abbie’s unexpected visit.  With Abbie riding on the coat tails of Katrina’s trip down memory lane, she decides to track down the Headless Horseman and recruit him to kill the Witnesses.

Abbie is forced to tell Ichabod about the future and their relationship as Witnesses to prove to him that she is not crazy.  It is pretty funny watching him try to operate her cell phone to gain access to videos of her and him posing for selfies and making pancakes, but the trick works.  He convinces his superior, Colonel Sutton that Abbie need to be released and to be placed in a camp for runaway slaves up north.  Ichabod and Abbie are on the road to the camp, but make a pit stop at Ben Franklin’s house to get his help in defeating Katrina and the Horseman.  Timothy Busfield reprises his role as the eccentric inventor and one of the founding fathers of our nation.  He is overjoyed that Abbie came to visit him.  He grills her with questions about his future accomplishments, including his face on the hundred dollar bill.  Sleepy Hollow Tempest Fugit 02He bursts out laughing when he discovers that Thomas Jefferson is on the two dollar bill.  He mentions Abbie’s great grandmother, Grace Dixon, a woman that can help her get back to her time and stop Katrina from conjuring up the Traveler’s spell.  Just before they leave, the Horseman arrives and lops off Franklin’s head.  This is another moment in history that has been altered due to Abbie and Katrina’s temporal visit.  Colonel Sutton takes Abbie and Ichabod into custody and relieves him of his military duties.  Ichabod and Abbie travel to Fredericks Manor where she meets with Grace.  This is an emotional moment for her.  Grace automatically notices that Abbie is a Witness and is happy to see that her lineage has survived.  Abbie and Ichabod have a touching moment where she “hugs it out” with Ichabod.  He is a little taken back by this affection, but accepts it.  Unfortunately, Katrina had found a way to track them and wages a battle with Ichabod, while Grace and Abbie conjure up a spell to return Abbie and Katrina back to their time.  They successfully return only to find Katrina enraged by her meddling.  She attacks Abbie, but it is Ichabod that gives the final blow and kills Katrina.  It is a very sad and emotional moment for him, but he made the choice to stop her from killing Abbie.  Despite the fact that Katrina went over to the dark side, she did a lot of good deeds in the past, but Ichabod made the ultimate sacrifice.

Sleepy Hollow Tempest Fugit 03This episode ended the season well.  By stopping Henry and Katrina, Abbie and Ichabod must fight for a future that they are not sure of.  Next season should be very interesting.

Sleepy Hollow S2E18 ‘Tempest Fugit’ recap