This episode is taken from the pages of Mary Shelley’s famous novel Frankenstein.  The Kindred, is a creature made from various body parts of fallen soldiers whose sole purpose is to fight the forces of evil during the revolutionary war.  Sleepy Hollow the kindredBen Franklin is once again mentioned in this episode as the creator of this “Franklin-stein”.  I love that word, but I didn’t make that up, Abbie used the phrase in this episode.  Abbie and Ichabod come up with a plan to rescue Katrina from the Horseman of Death.  By creating a diversion using the Kindred to fight the Horseman, Ichabod sneaks by and grabs Katrina and escape.

It is the old phrase, “the ends justify the means”, that echoes throughout the episode as Abbie and Ichabod contemplate whether it is a good idea to revive a monster to kill a monster.  Ultimately they decide to go with it.  To accomplish the task they need to get the Horseman’s head.  Former Sheriff Irving told Abbie that the head is at the Sleepy Hollow Savings Bank.  A hilarious moment in the episode is when Ichabod is offered to sign up for a credit card by a bank employee.  Ichabod’s response to this offer is something we all can relate to.  His behavior towards the twenty-first century way of life will always be comical.

Jenny is sent out to retrieve a large of arms located in the police station’s basement archive.  She is caught holding the bag of guns by the new sheriff.  Jenny gets arrested, and when Abbie finds out what happened, she tries to convince Jenny that she will find a way to get her free.  Confident that Abbie will honor that, Jenny gets taken to jail.

Raw emotions run through Abbie about her time in Purgatory.  The importance of Ichabod to her weighs heavily on her conscience, that it might be her weakness toward the fight against Moloch.  She also thinks that Katrina might be Ichabod’s Achilles heel.  Sleepy Hollow the kindred 01Only time will tell if this is true.

Katrina has her own battles to fight as well.  The Horseman of Death, whom we know is Ichabod’s long time friend now enemy Abraham Van Brunt, has kept Katrina prisoner trying to convince her that she should be with him and not Ichabod.  His plan is not working, though.  At some point, Katrina overhears a conversation between Abraham and Henry to create a new plan to bring Moloch out of Purgatory.

Ichabod and Abbie successfully reawaken the Kindred and try to rescue Katrina.  Their plan almost worked but she refuses to escape with Ichabod.  She tells him of what Henry and the Horseman is planning and that she insists on staying to be a mole for Ichabod.  He reluctantly agrees.  The Kindred fight the Horseman and Henry’s War soldier, giving Abbie and Ichabod enough time to escape.  When the creature knew they were safely gone, it rode away.  I’m sure we’ll see more of Franklin-stein in the future.

After his failed attempt to release Moloch from Purgatory, Henry starts putting together a plan to redeem himself with Moloch.  It requires something from the previous sheriff of Sleepy Hollow, Sheriff Irving.  With former sheriff being charged with a multiple homicide, the newly appointed sheriff, Sheriff Reyes, commits Irving to the Tarrytown Psychiatric building for observation instead of prison.  Henry’s plan involves Irving for something that is unclear to me, but it needs his blood.  It never ends well when blood is involved.  But it makes it more entertaining.

The second episode delivers a nice range of scenes; from comedic to the dramatic.  Even though the main them of this episode is the rescue of Katrina Crane, and the creation of a monster, the underlying tone to this episode is whether or not Abbie and Ichabod’s relationship is beneficial or a hindrance to the war against Moloch.  As the season progress’, the story will evolve to a journey of self discovery for the both of them. They are an oddly mismatched team that fit perfectly together.