You know that saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”  Well let’s improve upon that and say, “Hell hath no fury like a jealous female ghost scorned.”  We get to see Ichabod’s extremely unlucky love relationships unfold in this dark and twisted episode.

Following the death of Ichabod’s friend and groupie, Caroline, Abbie and he dig into one of Blind Brook’s famous ghost story, the Weeping Lady.  The story of the Weeping Lady dates back to the 1700’s where an innkeeper tells a tale of a ghostly woman crying by the river over her lover’s cheating affair.  While looking into more of the Weeping Lady at the library, Abbie sees her and is attacked. Abbie gets thrown into a dark portal sending her into the river at the Blind Brook Bridge.  Even though Abbie is struggling in the water, Ichabod is able to pull her out.  Sleepy Hollow Weeping Lady 01Not knowing what to do Ichabod calls for help.  Hawley, who happens to be there on business, does CPR and revives her.  Hawley then walks out of the library with Abbie and Ichabod trying to figure out why this ghost is becoming more physical.  Normally, the Weeping Lady is just seen at the river and not attacking anybody.  But he is starting to put the pieces together.  The Lady is only attacking people who are close to him, and to make matters worse he lost a letter sent by Katrina earlier today when he was saving Abbie.  She shows Ichabod a piece of lace she ripped from the Lady.  He suddenly realizes who the Lady is.  He recalls a young woman named Mary Wells who was promised to him back in colonial times.  She sailed to the Americas in the hope to bring back Ichabod to London and get married.  But he confessed to her that he didn’t have the same feelings for her.  She blames Katrina of witchcraft and accuses her of bewitching him.  Later he found out that Mary had a change of heart and broke off the engagement and sailed back to London.  He is very confused as to why her lace shawl is still in Sleepy Hollow.

Understanding that they are dealing with a ghost, they must find supernatural means of stopping Mary.  They ask Hawley if he knows something that can stop the Weeping Lady.  He pulls out a crossbow that belonged to Van Helsing.  He then tells them the arrow is made of iron and dipped in Basilik venom and greek fire.  Armed with the crossbow, Ichabod and Abbie go to the hideout of the Horseman of Death, only to find that Mary has already taken Katrina.  Knowing that Mary brings her victims back to the Blind Bridge, they race back to the river.  Katrina is able to use her magic to free her from Mary.  They find Katrina unharmed on the shore of the river.  He tells Katrina that the Weeping Lady is Mary Wells, the woman was promised to Ichabod back in colonial times.  Katrina realizes that only dark magic can bring back her spirit, and she only knows one person responsible for all of this, Henry.  She tells the only way to stop Mary is to free her from spiritual plane by using a spell and a witch.  Abbie offers to help as the Witness.  As they invoke the spell to stop Mary, Ichabod attempts to slow her down by using Van Helsing’s crossbow.  It is unsuccessful; Mary then goes after the girls.  Katrina and Abbie are able to complete the spell, and release Mary from her spiritual prison, but not before Ichabod finds out why Mary was still here and attacking his friends.  She points to Katrina before she disappears.  He is utterly confused.  Katrina then confesses that Mary did meet with her before her death.  It was an ugly fight that led to Mary’s accidental death.  Sleepy Hollow Weeping Lady 02To keep Ichabod from leaving America and continue on the fight against evil, she forged a letter with Mary’s handwriting saying that she has decided to free Ichabod of his obligation of marriage and to stay in America.  He is livid that Katrina would do this, but most importantly keep that from him after all these years.  All the lies and secrets that Katrina has done is putting a huge wall between Ichabod and her.  Just then the Horseman of Death comes running down ready to lop the head of Ichabod, only to be stopped by Katrina.  She convinces the Horseman to spare Ichabod’ life and take her with him.  They ride off together leaving Ichabod and Abbie at the river.

At the memorial of Caroline, Ichabod tells Abbie that he is starting not to trust his wife, and that she may be lost to the Horseman.  She says not to give up hope.

At Moloch’s lair, Henry is punished for his little personal vendetta towards his mother and that he is only a soldier in his war.  Henry begs for his master’s forgiveness, but Moloch ignores it.  Henry is seen crying like a baby on the floor.  With all his power and strength, Henry is just a little child wanting to please his superior, Moloch, but is failing miserably.  The relationship between Katrina and Ichabod is weakening; her relationship between the Horseman is getting a bit stronger.  I don’t where her loyalties lie, we shall see.