This week’s episode focuses on Sheriff’s Corbin’s son, Joe.  He’s back from Afghanistan and Abbie couldn’t be happier, however, the welcome he gave Abbie is bone-chilling cold.  His animosity towards her is somewhat troublesome, because she always knew him as a boy who she babysat and remembered he would always play hero for her.  It is a little heartbreaking watching Abbie see someone who she knew all her life hate her.  Ichabod tries to comfort her by reminding her that Joe is still that little boy that would try to pretend to save her.  He also put a reference to superheroes like Superman, as his muse for giving Abbie some happiness.  It is a little comical listening to him mismatch the secret identities of Superman to Peter Parker and the arachnid kid to Clark Kent.  Every episode I watch, Ichabod tries to assimilate the pop culture into his ancient method of reasoning and I find it rather hilarious.  This week it’s yoga, the term ‘buns’ he would like to refer to his buttocks as a “double jug”, and the world of video games which I will explain later.

Abbie gets a call about a murder at Pioneer Point and checks it out.  They find two bodies torn to pieces and Joe left alive with a few scrapes.  They bring him to the hospital where she tries to question him, but is met with much friction.  Joe tells her he blames her for the murder of his father.  She tries to make Joe understand that there is more to that than he knows.  He refuses to believe her, and accuses her of taking the time he could have shared with his father away from him.  He tells her of a time where he waited five hours for him to go fishing, only to find out that he spent that time with her teaching her how to shoot.  She sees that Joe is not going to be any help finding who killed the people up at Pioneer Point.  She leaves the hospital with Ichabod and heads over to Sheriff Corbin’s place where Joe is staying.  They notice Corbin’s Will is displayed open and find out that Joe was looking through it and found a note from his father.  The Sheriff was asking his son to take up the cause in fighting evil and protecting certain artifacts hidden in Sleepy Hollow from people who want use it for malicious intent.  Abbie finds a map on the table showing Pioneer Piont and she thinks Joe is there to find what his father has kept hidden.

Meanwhile at the Tarrytown Psychiatric, Henry visits Captain Irving.  Irving is furious that Henry tricked him into selling his soul.  Irving tells Henry that he will not be his pawn in his twisted plan.  Sleepy Hollow And The Abyss Gazes Back 02Henry then tells him that the only way for him to release his soul is to replace it with someone else’s! Irving finds that repulsive.  Henry entices him that it doesn’t have to be an innocent, just a soul.  He points to a man walking down the hallway, Irving notices him right away to be the drunk driver who took away his daughter’s ability to walk.  Henry sees Irving red with anger. Henry reminds him that people who fight monsters should try not to become one.  He also says that when you gaze long and hard into the abyss, the abyss gazes back.  Later that day, Irving does attack the drunk driver and is about to kill him when Henry’s words echo through his mind, he stops before it is too late.  Irving calls Abbie and tells her that Henry has his soul and to make sure she finds a way to defeat him and Moloch.  She promises him that she will find a way to free his soul.

Ichabod and Abbie look for information about what is going on with Joe.  Ichabod finds Joe’s behavior a bit odd when they saw him at Pioneer Point.  The two victims were mutilated and their organs removed, but Joe was unharmed.  She looks into more of Joe’s military report where he was the sole survivor of a massive attack on his platoon where his fellow soldiers were torn apart and organs removed.

Crane is reminded of a time in 1778 where he accompanied Daniel Boone on a hunting expedition with the Shawnee Tribe.  Boone’s mission was to get a cure for his brother, Squire, who suffered from nostalgia, a primitive term to what we now call PTSD.  Daniel believed that his brother was afflicted with the Curse of the Wendigo; a behavior among the victims of absolute desperation to feed upon human flesh to survive.  Ichabod claims it is the reason why Daniel would always wear that huge hat, to cover the scars caused by Squire attacks on him.  The name of the Wendigo came from the Shawnee and Algonquin mythology of a skin-walker that takes on both beast and human traits and is driven by the blood lust, which once the hunger begins the transformation begins.  The creature can only return back to human form when they consume human organs.  Abbie and Ichabod piece the puzzle together and find out that Joe is a Wendigo.

They look for Joe and find him back at Pioneer Point digging up something.  Joe sees them and runs.  Ichabo runs after him only to trip and fall, he cuts himself and that triggers Joe’s transformation.  He yells to Ichabod to run.  The transformation is complete and the Wendigo chases him.  Sleepy Hollow And The Abyss Gazes Back 01Abbie gets her tranquilizer and shoots Joe who is still in beast mode.  They bring him back to Abbie’s secret lair and chain up the beast.  She then calls Hawley and Jenny for help.  Jenny brings the human organs and Hawley brings everything else that can stop the Wendigo, but the cure.  They are able to return Joe back to human.  Joe tells Abbie and Ichabod he received a letter two weeks ago. He said there was a powder on the envelope. The letter said that he has been cursed and only way to lift the curse is to find a box hidden by Sheriff Corbin.  The envelope had a return address, Fredrick Manor.  Immediately Ichabod knows it was Henry who sent the cursed envelope. By using the Piper’s bone flute and a little dark magic, he was able to crush the bone flute into powder and hex it with a dark spell. He then laced it on an envelope for Joe to open and read it when he was in Afghanistan.  Ichabod realizes that could have been the origin of the Wendigo legend, with dark magic and bone dust inhaled by the victims.  He takes the box that Joe dug up opens it.  He notices it right away.  He says it is called Jincan, an incredibly powerful poison from Southern China.

Knowing that Henry is out searching for Joe and the Jincan; Ichabod and Hawley go to find a cure for Joe.  Henry walks in and demands them to give him the Jincan.  Henry promises Joe that he can cure him.  Abbie tells Joe not to trust him, but Joe agrees to go with Henry and the Jincan.  Henry deceives him and cuts him to release the Wendigo. It charges into the lair and runs towards Abbie.  Just in time, Ichabod and Hawley come back with something that can cure Joe.  With a little incantation, Joe is able to return back to his human-self, but the damage is done.  Henry has got what he came for, but the gang doesn’t know what.  At Fredrick’s Manor, Henry opens the bottle containing the Jincan, and pours the red liquid onto a tray.  Suddenly the liquid transforms into a red spider.  It then crawls into Katrina’s mouth and she starts to convulse.

In honor of Halloween, this episode touches upon the werewolf/wendigo mythology.  We get to see more of Abbie’s past catching up on her.  The video game scene is hilarious as Ichabod is throwing a tantrum when he claims his videogame ‘brothers’ betray him and kill him.  Again his behavior toward the pop culture is so entertaining.  The final battle is coming, and Katrina is in serious danger in the next episode.  We’ll see if she makes it.