In this episode, Henry has come up with another plan to raise Moloch from Purgatory.  It involves a succubus, and her victim’s life force to nurture a baby Moloch to adulthood.  Abbie, Ichabod, and Katrina try to prevent that from happening. Sleepy Hollow Heartless 02

 The Good  

  • I like the fact that Abbie is the only one that believes that Henry should be stopped or destroyed, when Katrina, and Ichabod is still blinded to the hope that Henry can still be saved.
  • Henry’s plan to bring Moloch by using a succubus, into our world is very creative.
  • It is still hilarious watching Ichabod trying to get a handle on modern social terminology. It’s funny how Ichabod and Katrina try to understand the dating rituals from reality shows like, The Bachelor.
  • Katrina finally uses magic to find the succubus.
  • Another history lesson from Ichabod about the origin of Valentine’s Day is entertaining. The creature dates back to the Roman Empire, where a priest defeated a succubus, specifically an Incordata, or The Heartless. A creature whose heart was taken and given to the Emperor as a gift.  The priest’s name is St. Valentine.
  • It wouldn’t be a Sleepy Hollow episode if they didn’t add a succubus to the history books.
  • Abbie and Katrina almost come to blows about Henry and his salvation, but Abbie keeps her cool, good for her

The Bad

  • Katrina is still convinced that Henry can be saved. That creates a lot of tension between Abbie and her.
  • Hawley is like a love sick puppy trying to get Abbie’s affection. He needs to stop sulking and express his love for her.
  • Hawley is useless in this episode. It’s true he did give the succubus a little irritation, but it is Abbie, Katrina, and Ichabod that saves the day.
  • It seems like they are always one step behind Henry, trying to play catch up.
  • So far Katrina is a weak character in this show. Her belief that Moloch has put a spell on Henry is getting very tiresome.
  • Having Katrina go back to Fredrick Manor is not a good idea. With Henry welcoming her back and calling her mother is not a good sign.  It seems like the necklace she wears has put some sort of spell on her.
  • Moloch is reborn.

Sleepy Hollow Heartless 01Now that Moloch is reborn through dark magic, Abbie, Ichabod, and Katrina have their hands full.  Can Katrina resist the hold Henry has put on her?  In this episode, Abbie and Katrina put there opinions and feelings aside to work together and defeat the succubus.  It is good to see them fighting together.  They make a formidable team.  When Ichabod finds out that Katrina has gone back to Fredericks Manor to spy and the Headless Horseman and Henry, he doesn’t put up much of an argument.  He realizes the importance of defeating Moloch outweighs his emotions and love for Katrina.

Putting her in harms way is tough for him, but it has to be done.