A very strong and emotional episode this week as Abbie is sent to Tarrytown Psychiatric Hospital by Chief Reyes to investigate a series of suicides within the last few weeks.  Jennie and Hawley join her in this crazy ride, leaving Ichabod off to the sidelines trying to get over a nasty cold.  The Mills sister’s past is addressed this week when their mom’s ghost is somehow involved with the suicides at the hospital.

Sleepy Hollow Mama 02The Good

  • We finally get to see what happened to Abbie and Jenny’s mom.
  • Ichahod’s naïve inexperience with modern day child proof medication is hilarious, not to mention his responses to our remedy for getting over a cold (i.e. matzo ball soup spiked with a sleep aid, and the vapor inhalation over the bowl of steaming water technique.)
  • It is good to see Jenny in this episode, I miss her.
  • Hawley is useful in this episode than he was last week.
  • There is no historical mystical artifact this week, just good old fashion haunting of a murderous nurse and a protective ghost mom.
  • It’s a family affair with Abbie and Jenny trying to save their dead mom, and preventing the Angel of Mercy (the ghost nurse) from harming any more souls.
  • Former Chief Irving escapes Tarrytown Psychiatric with the help of Abbie and the gang.
  • Abbie and Jenny finally realize that their mother is not crazy about demons coming after her when she committed suicide, just crazy hair!!
  • In Mother Mills book of spells, we discover a weapon that can destroy Moloch.

The Bad

  • Katrina’s side story is somewhat weak this episode, though it is cool to see   baby Moloch reveal his true identity when he is feeding on mother Katrina.
  • Jenny is able to find the right spell by looking through mom’s old journals to send the Angel of Mercy ghost way too quickly.
  • It is unclear to me what Henry’s intentions for making Katrina hold Baby Moloch. Is he starting to grow a heart or just manipulating her?
  • The sisters’ final goodbye to their mother is a little awkward.
  • It’s still unclear whether or not Mother Mill’s spirit is at peace or is it still stuck in the hospital. Mother Mills tells Jenny she is, but I don’t believe that.

Sleepy Hollow Mama 01Mother Mills fights off the Angel of Mercy from taking Abbie, and Chief Irving from death.  Now more than ever, Abbie needs Jenny, and vice versa to defeat Moloch.  The last scene where Katrina finds a more grownup Moloch in the kitchen eating bread is something that the Scooby gang needs to worry about.  Next week is the Fall season finale, it should be great.  I’m pretty sure Moloch will be all grownup and ready to take over the world.  The gang must find that weapon in Mother Mills spell book to defeat Henry and Moloch, before it is too late.