I have been a long-standing fan of Wes Anderson since Rushmore and will no doubt love The Grand Budapest Hotel when it hits theaters next year. He has a VERY unique style, that you can always tell it’s a ‘Wes Anderson Film.’ SNL decided to take all things Anderson and turn them into a Halloween spoof.

The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders stars Ed Norton as Owen Wilson and features Alec Baldwin as the narrator. The skit is probably one of the most concise and spot-on spoofs that SNL has done in years, and not only had me laughing; but had me shocked at just how much attention to detail that they had to construct the trailer. Check it out below!

It makes fun of The Royal Tenenbaums most of all, but it’s hilarious nonetheless. I can only imagine what a real horror movie by Wes Anderson would be like, but it would probably be pretty close to this one.