Prom Season may be over, but that’s no reason to not bring on the pig’s blood, I find that it’s ALWAYS in fashion to be covered head-to-toe in the plasma of pre-bacon. So does Hollywood, because next stop on the remake train is Carrie, Stephen King’s classic story of a vengeful teen who uses telekinetic powers to strike back at her schools bullies.

The movie is being directed by Kimberly Pierce (Boys Don’t Cry) and stars Chloe Grace Moretz (Hit-Girl) in the title role, and Julianne Moore (Big Lebowski) as her religious obsessed, over-bearing mother. Moretz is used to the bloodbath though, playing evil young girls in both Kick-Ass and Let Me In. She talks about the infamous prom scene, saying, ”We only have, like, four chances to get it right,” Moretz says of the infamous scene. ”Because that stuff stains your hair.” Can’t wait to see what she says in Kick Ass 2, cause the book is a BLOODY good show.

I’ve never been a huge fan of the original Carrie. Sissy Spacek freaked me out too much and it was slow. Plus, John Travolta didn’t talk about his hair nearly as much as I would have liked. Oh well.  Check out the pictures below, thanks to EW.

Carrie soaks theaters March 13, 2013.