This was it everybody! The episode we have all been waiting for, and it was perfect! I think this might have been my favorite episode to date.

The Good

– Jax finally lets out everything he’s been holding in since Tara’s death, and Bobby’s, when he’s with Winsome. After they’re done getting it on, he just starts crying. I might be wrong, but I think she’s the first girl he’s been with since Tara.

– Tig and Venus. I just love them together. Though Tig is a little off put in the morning when Venus gets out of the shower and looks like a man. Afterwards, when he gets back to her place, they have what is possibly the most heartfelt talk ever, I got a little teary eyed. Venus explains that she understands where he’s at, that he wants to be the “freak” and live outside of the box, but she’s inside the box and has fallen in love with him. He tells her that she’s right, but he wants to be inside the box, he doesn’t want anyone else, he just wants to be with her. It was such an amazing and touching scene.

– The SONS meet up with Tully’s new top dog Otis at his ranch. Some of Leland’s guys are there and they’re not too happy with the SONS because Eglee is awake and “talking.” Even though she’s not, she hasn’t given any information about what happened when they shot her. When one of the rednecks starts giving Tig crap about being with Venus he says, “If you were one of our guys we would have shot your dick off for that.” Tig pulls his gun and Chibs says, “It’s not the time, brother.” and Otis said, “I don’t care about the time.” So Tig shoots the dude right in the baby maker! That’s when he tells them that Leland isn’t there because he’s on his way to take care of Eglee.

– Unser is waiting for Leland at the hospital and shoots him dead to protect Eglee.

– Moses talks to Tyler about his involvement with the SONS and how he needs to know where the preacher’s wife and son are. Tyler tells him to talk to T.O. from The Bastards, that he might know where they are since he and Jax are so tight. Moses finds him at a bar with Rat and takes them back to the torture chamber they had Bobby in to get them to talk. T.O. caves and gives them the address to the cabin. But he actually gives them the address to Otis’s house! When they get there most of the guys get blown up by a rigged RV, and the rest get blown up by the SONS and the Aryans. The best part was that Moses was still alive, so for revenge, Jax poked his eye out and Chibs cut his fingers off before they shot him in the head!

– With that done Marks and Lin are both finished, aside from themselves, their entire gangs have been killed. That means that the war is pretty much over. The SONS, Niners, Mayans and Bastards are all good with each other. Does this mean that things might actually get boring for them?

– Abel is having a hard time still, obviously. When he’s getting ready for school he has a scratch on his forehead that he says Thomas did. When he gets to school his teacher doesn’t believe him and tells him that if an adult did this he has to tell, that way they will get in trouble for it. You see him next going into the bathroom and taking out a fork to scratch his arm with. The school calls CPS, Jax has to go in and talk to them, and Abel tells everyone that Gemma did it to him!

– After everything that went on with Abel, Jax takes the boys home to his house (finally!) along with Wendy. When Abel can’t sleep Jax decides to tell him the truth about how Wendy is his “first” mommy, and now that his mommy is gone, Wendy is there to help him out. When Jax goes to tuck him in Abel asks him, “Is that why Grandma killed my other mommy? So that my first mommy could come and take care of me.”  YES!!!! FINALLY!!!! It’s out in the open! Now Jax just needs to find out for sure and Gemma is going DOWN!

The Bad

– Nothing. There was absolutely nothing bad about this episode.


Next week:

Jax is trying to get the truth from Unser and everything seems to be unraveling. Wendy tells him about Gemma and helping Juice. Gemma’s completely falling apart, and it looks like Jax gets hit by a car?


Here’s a preview of ‘Suits of Woe’