Remember last week when I said that was the best episode ever? I lied, THIS was the best episode ever! This episode revolves around Jax learning the truth about Gemma.

The Good:

– Wendy tells Jax she was helping Gemma hide Juice. Though she had no idea why she was doing it she did. She can’t have any secrets after he told Abel that she was his real mother. I hate to say this, after everything we’ve gone through with Wendy, but I REALLY love her now. I think out of everybody she is the most sane and selfless person. Everything is about the boys, you don’t even think about her being a junky anymore. Granted, I still don’t want her and Jax getting back together, I think they’re great as friends and parents, but I don’t think it would be right for them to hook up, at least right now. It’s too soon after Tara. But as he’s leaving to go get everything figured out he says, “Take care of our boys” to her. I think he’s letting her know that she has completely won her way back in with him, there’s no more hate or animosity, she’s proven herself time and sons-of-anarchy-suits-of-woe-image-1time again.

– We find out that it wasn’t Jury that ratted the club out, it was Burosky, and it was all about money. I never even thought about it being him, he never even crossed my mind.

– The conversation between Jax and Juice was one of the most heart wrenching conversations I’ve ever seen on television. That’s also the moment that we got “our” Jax back, our boy with a conscience. I knew it was going to be Juice who finally told him everything that happened, it had to be him. The worst part is that I’m back to liking Juice again, and I don’t want him to die, but at least we all know it’s going to be quick. He has nothing to go back to anyways, he has no family, he has no club, he has no one and we all know he can’t be on his own. It’s probably better this way, he’d never make it. Not to mention that everyone would be after him, considering all the blood that’s been shed is really on his hands

– Gemma and Chucky: “You’re my best friend Gem.” “I accept that.”

– Nero finding out was probably one of the best scenes in the history of television. I love the way they shot it, him on the phone, not hearing the other end of the conversation (because we all know what’s being said) and just his reaction. He tells charlie-hunnam-sons-of-anarchy-suits-of-woe-600x300Gemma she should go after he gets off the phone with Jax, he could have easily turned her over to him, but he still loves her and I don’t know if he could do that, at least not until he’s talked to Jax about everything.

– Unser and Jax get into it at TM. Unser said a lot of terrible things to Jax, and I know it was all in the heat of the moment, well, at least the part about stabbing him in the head with a fork, but still, he totally deserved the punch in the face. Now there’s an APB out on Jax.

– The cops find Jax at Burosky’s deli, Tig and Chibs hold them off so that Jax can make a run for it by stealing some guy’s car, and the whole chase scene was weird to me because there is some off the wall, happy jazz music playing. I found it really funny. Jax drives to The Mayan headquarters to hide out.

– Gemma giving Abel JT’s ring before she takes off, telling him how he has it for when he joins the club.

– Jax finally tells the guys what’s been going on. Says that he takes responsibility for everything. He’s setting up a meeting with all of the club presidents to tell them exactly what happened with Jury, which will result in a Mayhem vote against Jax. He’s also going to set up a meeting with The Mayans and The Irish to get that in order.

– The ending. Jax and Nero talking about everything, Nero being the father figure, the voice of reason like always. Telling Jax that killing Gemma would destroy him, as much as she deserves it, he can’t do it. Saying he should honor Tara’s wishes and get out (which is what I think is going to happen in the end.) And Jax, saying that no matter what he still loves her, she’s his mom, but how could she do that to Tara, and then having an absolute break down. It was the perfect ending to a perfect episode.

The Bad:

– Are we ever going to find out exactly who the bag lady is? She’s been in every season, and we know that she’s Brooke’s mom sons-of-anarchy-season-7-episode-11-preview-suits-of-woe-videoand that she supposedly had died in the crash that JT died in. Is she somehow tied to the club?

– There’s only 2 episodes left!

– I don’t know about you guys, but this show makes me stay up way too late. After every episode I’m wired and I’m up until at least 2am. As much as I don’t want the show to end, I’m about ready to get back to my regularly scheduled bed time.

Next week:

Jax has the meeting with the presidents of all the charters, and the meeting with the Irish.
Gemma is hiding out, it looks like she’s at her Dad’s, and Unser is with her

The guys do a drive by, all they really show is Rat shooting a machine gun and then like 5 guys dead.

Marks is posting bail.

Enjoy the preview of the next episode, ‘Red Rose’