Well guys, this is it. It was the final ride. Sons of Anarchy is over. How’s everybody doing? Me? Oh, I’m a bit heart broken and sad, but I thought it was a perfect ending. I’m really going to miss this show.

The Good:

– All loose ends are tied up. Everything that Jax and the club have been working so hard for has officially been taken care of. Sons-of-Anarchy-Series-Finale-3-850x560Burosky is dead, Marks is dead, The Kings are dead, Connor is in charge of the Irish guns, Alvarez is in charge of distribution, which means that SAMCRO is officially out of guns.

– Nero and Wendy are on their way to Norco with the boys. Jax is selling TM and both houses and giving everything to Wendy as long as she promises to stay out of Charming. He put Nero in charge of all of it. I’m kind of hoping that they end up together. I think it would be a great match.

– T.O. is an official member, full patch and all. So he is the very first black member of the Sons of Anarchy. Obviously that’s what Jax was talking about when he said to all the presidents that he wanted to throw out an unwritten law.

– Jax went to Padderson and told her everything about Tara’s murder, and basically that the streets would be clean by the end of the day. When she asked “What happens at the end of the day?” he just looked at her and said, “The bad guys lose.”

– The whole episode it was obvious that Jax was saying goodbye. In the beginning he burns all of his journals, old photos and J.T.’s manuscript. Goes to visit Opie and Tara, leaves his SONS rings on Opie’s grave and his wedding ring on Tara’s. He’s making his rounds, making sure no one and nothing is left out. He knows exactly what he’s doing, and I knew from the beginning of the episode that I wasn’t going to like it.

– When it comes time to take care of any big issues, ie: killing The Kings, Burosky and Marks, Jax makes sure that he’s the only one acting on it so that the club doesn’t go down. He takes Burosky and Marks down in broad daylight, in public. Like it doesn’t even matter anymore.

– The goodbye at TM with Wendy, Nero and the boys. How heart wrenching was that? When he’s talking to Nero, telling him SONS-s7e13that he needs his boys to know who he is, to grow up hating him so that they don’t follow in his footsteps. When he was saying goodbye to them, you could just see how much he loves his boys, but he knows what he has to do to make sure that they grow up without the burden of the club. He knew he would never see them again, my heart was breaking!

– When Jax gets back to the guys, there’s an APB out on him and the Mayhem vote had passed, but the guys couldn’t just take him out. They staged it to make it look like he fought and shot Happy in the arm to get away so that he could get out and they wouldn’t get in any trouble for helping him. The goodbyes in that scene, ugh! Happy made me cry, he looked like a little boy, and Tig and Chibs. Oh man. But before all of that, they did the patching ceremony and Jax gave Chibs his President patch and Chibs appointed Tig VP, which was the best choice. They will make sure to take care of the club.

– And now it’s time to talk about Jax. What do I even say about him? He is probably one of the most loved characters ever. Even though he’s killed a lot of people, and I mean A LOT of people, and has done some horrible things, none of it matters. Not with him. It’s like he gets a free pass, and it’s not because he’s hot (though that doesn’t hurt), but it’s just because it’s Jax. Everybody loves him. He was our bad boy with a heart of gold. All he ever wanted was to have the club working on the up and up so that they could be legit, no more guns, no more violence. Though, after losing Tara that vision kind of flew out the window. But ultimately, in the end, he got exactly where he wanted. Not only did he succeed in following his vision, he followed his father’s vision, which is how it all started in the first place. When he got on J.T.’s bike and started riding I thought maybe, just maybe he would ride off into the sunset and live his life in peace. But did any of us really think it could end that way? I mean, Jax has nothing if he doesn’t have his family and his club, so no, he couldn’t make it out there. The club ca1e047d4d654d5acd02965826d29af1is who he is, he doesn’t know how to be anybody else. So, while talking to J.T. at the spot where he died a cop sees him and pulls over. As soon as he tells him to get off the bike Jax shoots at him and takes off. He’s riding in what could possibly be the most leisurely police chase I’ve ever seen. By the end of it there has to be about 25 cop cars, not counting the bikes, and everyone is just staying behind him as he rides down the freeway. And then came the semi. I knew it was over as soon as I saw the semi. I don’t know about you guys, but I instantly started crying, before anything even happened I was a wreck. He was going out just like J.T., on the same freeway, on the same bike. Jax let go of the handlebars and drove head first into the truck. The last shot is two crows and blood, and the bread that the homeless lady was eating when he talked to her.
Of course, I wanted him to live happily ever after with the kids and be happy and safe, but that wasn’t in his cards and we all know it. This, unfortunately, had to happen, and they did it perfectly. It makes perfect sense and we’re not left guessing about anything. I loved it. I love this show. I love Kurt Sutter and his genius writing. I love the cast, and I’m going to miss all my friends in Charming tremendously.

The Bad:

– Though the homeless lady was in the episode, and Jax even asks her who she is, we still don’t know! In the Afterward Kurt Sutter said he wanted to leave it up to everyone’s imagination, that she’s just a bit of magic he threw in there to keep people guessing. I’m thinking that she was somewhat of a guardian angel, maybe even Death (kind of). She always seemed to show up when someone had died or when there was a major event, to guide Jax. She never said much of anything, but they always understood each other.

– It’s over. I don’t know what I’m going to do without this show. It has sucked me into it’s world and now I have to go back to reality. I’m really going to miss it. But, that’s what Netflix is for, right?

So, RIP Jax Teller, and to all our other beloved characters who have moved on in the show. RIP to Sons of Anarchy. Kurt Sutter said it best when he said, “Seven years of emotional & creative chaos” and that is a perfect way to sum it up. What a beautiful, amazing and crazy ride it was.