There’s so much going on right now I don’t even know where to start! I guess the beginning is as good a place as any, right?

It looks like the guys have made a deal with Juice, while standing on the side of the road, at J.T.’s memorial spot, Jax hands Juice his cut and lets him leave on his bike, while Rat and Montez trail him in the van to make sure he’s doing what he’s supposed to. He rides by the Highway Patrol and shoots at their bikes to get them to chase him down. Juice is setting himself up to go to prison to take care of Lin for SAMCRO. If he succeeds, he’s back in the MC, if he doesn’t he’s dead. I really don’t know which outcome I want for him. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love Juice, I’ve loved him since day one, but the past few seasons he’s really been getting on my nerves, and he’s ratted out the club more than once. Do you think they’ll really let him back in?

Meanwhile, Jax is trying to get all of his ducks in a row to take down Marks. He’s got everything straightened out with The Mayans and The Niners so now he has to get the preacher’s wife and step-son on board with them. He wants them to sign something stating that they were forced into accepting his offer for the housing project. Jax is trying to get leverage against Marks since he knows violence won’t do them any good. Sons of Anarchy Greensleeves 01The guys take the preacher’s body and bury it at one of the construction sites and send the pictures to Tyler to show him it’s been done. Jax gets the wife to sign everything and tells her and her son to go with some of the guys to the cabin where she can detox and get clean, not to mention stay out of the line of fire since we know Marks will try to find them. Apparently this pimp Greensleeves has been blackmailing them, threatening to show the world what the preacher liked to do with young boys. So of course Jax says that they’ll take care of it for them.

Nero takes Jax and Chibs to where Greensleeves is and points him out for them. When they go to talk to him, threateningly, he goes nuts, his hookers jump on the guys and start beating on them and Greensleeves takes off in his Hummer, crashing into Chibs’ bike and almost hitting Nero on his way out. After he’s gone they get one of his hookers, Winsome, to calm down and to tell them where he is by promising her a job at Diosa. They get to the apartment and there’s Greensleeves with a crazy doped up hooker. When they bust in he grabs her and puts a knife to her throat and she seriously doesn’t even care she’s so messed up. After arguing for a minute, Chibs shoots him in the arm and he goes down. He finally tells them where the phone is with all the blackmail photos of the preacher and Jax pushes him through the window. And there you have it, the Jewish Pimp is dead.

Happy and Rat go to get Gemma to take her to the cabin so that she can help the preacher’s wife detox, but of course they don’t give her any information as to why she’s being taken there, they just tell her it’s a “Mother and son issue that needs to be taken care of.” So now she’s freaking out, of course. She thinks that Juice told Jax what she did and she’s about to lose it. They take her back to her house to get some stuff since she doesn’t know how long she’ll be there for and as she’s packing, her clothes and guns, she’s talking to Thomas telling him everything. Just as she’s saying, “I have to tell him everything. I didn’t mean to kill your Mommy, it was an accident” Abel walks up to the door and overhears everything! So I’m thinking he will be how Jax finds out. Maybe he’ll tell Wendy or Jax? I don’t know, but I think Abel is how Jax finds out.

Speaking of Abel, he’s having some major issues right now. He’s been acting out in school, it’s gotten bad enough that they need to send him home because of it. That poor boy has been through so much, I just hope he’s okay. Now he has this information to deal with on top of it. I wonder how he’s going to handle this.

Nero is buying his Uncle’s farm and wants Gemma to go with him, but she’s a bit reluctant to leave Charming. He’s getting things squared away with Jax, telling him he wants him to buy him out of his half of Diosa, but then we see him talking with Alvarez offering it to him. So maybe The Mayans and The SONS will be in business together? I hope he really sells and goes to the farm with Lucious. He deserves it. Nero isn’t cut out for the gangster life any more. He needs to just go live a quiet, normal, happy life.

Now it’s time for the big meeting with Marks,The SONS and The Mayans ride out to the meeting point together. Tyler is supposed to meet them there as well. But they don’t show. Sons of Anarchy Greensleeves 02Neither Marks nor Tyler and The Niners. Uh Oh! It looks like Tyler’s been working with Marks this whole time and playing Jax!

Bobby’s driving to the cabin to hang out with Gemma until the guys get there, but as he’s driving a big black SUV runs him off the road, and it looks like ALL of Marks’ guys are there. I knew something was going to happen as soon as Bobby said he was going to the cabin. Why wouldn’t he be at the meeting? I thought this was kind of important, that at least all the big guys should be there, right? So why would he go? I so wish he hadn’t gone, because what happened to him is so terrible.

Marks’s head of security shows up to the meeting with a box and tells Jax that this is August Marks response to the proposal. I automatically think of the movie Seven and start yelling, “WHAT’S IN THE BOX?” Jax opens it and it’s Bobby’s patches, along with a tablet that has a video on it, of them CUTTING OUT BOBBY’S EYE! along with a bowl with his eye in it. Poor Bobby, out of everyone he was probably the least deserving of getting his eye cut out. He’s such a good guy.

Next week we do see that Bobby’s still alive, so yay!!! I’m honestly not sure what else is going to go down. All I know is that there were guns and knives involved, so I’m sure it’s gonna start to get messy, especially since they have Bobby.

Can you believe there’s only 6 episodes left? How are they going to get everything wrapped up in 6 episodes?! There’s still so much to cover! And are they ever going to tell us who the bag lady is? I mean, she’s been in every season, and now we know she’s Brooke’s mom, but we also know that she’s somehow tied to the club. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.