Here we are at the sixth episode of the season, and honestly, it was pretty uneventful. Yes, everything is starting to unfold, but not a whole lot happened.

sons-of-anarchy-smoke-em-if-you-got-em-imageSince Jax was able to completely take down the Chinese, now all of his efforts are going to take down Marx. Which I understand and don’t understand at the same time. What has Marx actually done to deserve a take down? Last season he worked so hard to get him the gun contract with the Irish, and to make sure everyone else was on board with it, and now he wants to take him out completely. I’m sure there’s a good reason for it, but right now I don’t really know what it is. Needless to say, he now has the Bastards completely on board, having found the guys that killed their guys and helped gun them down. He also has the Nazis and The Mayans too, not to mention the Niners. At this point maybe he’s just trying to become king? We all know Marx pretty much runs everything, but everyone listens to Jax too. So maybe that’s it?

He’s got everything straightened out with Tully and the Nazis now, since the whole cop shooting debacle that broke out a couple of episodes ago. They were able to win their trust by striking a deal with The Mayans that gives them distribution rights in Stockton, and they showed them how trustworthy they can be by having a van full of dead black guys, which they then dropped at one of Marx’s Sons-of-Anarchy-Jax-Teller-850x560construction sites.

Gemma’s made it out alive, and is in a truck stop waiting for Wendy and Unser to come pick her up. She still talking to Tara’s ghost, and making friends with the waitress, special guest star Lea Michelle! I was actually pretty excited to see her playing someone other than Rachel Barry. I thought she was pretty good in it.

Gemma tells Unser that Juice pulled a gun on her and ran the car off the road, he almost killed her, b but stole her car instead and took off. Unser wasn’t buying it though, he knows that Juice is unraveling, that he would never pull a gun on Gemma since she was the only one truly helping him.

Alvarez goes to see Nero about what happened with Lin and Jax, thinking that they were working with the cops to take him down. Nero explained everything to him, but they still took him hostage until they knew what was going on, they lock him in a closet at The Mayan headquarters, and just when they’re about to go find Jax to get the story, Juice walks in. He’s asking for safe passage to Mexico in return for $2,000, Gemma’s Navigator and intel on SAMCRO. Just as I suspected, Alvarez isn’t buying it, and that’s the first thing they tell Jax when they find him. He goes to the headquarters and gets everything straightened out with Alvarez, and they pretty much hand over Juice. Well, actually, they lock him in the closet with Nero while they take care of other stuff, but eventually the SONS have lea-michele-katey-sagal-sons-of-anarchy-Prashant-Guptahim in their custody.

While Juice was in the closet with Nero he ALMOST told him about Gemma. They talked, and though I’m still a bit annoyed with Juice, that whole scene actually made me like him a little more than before.

When Nero’s finally let out he notices Gemma’s Navigator in the Mayans garage, and now he knows that somehow Gemma is connected to Juice.

The episode ends with the SONS walking out of the Mayans headquarters with Juice, so he’s not dead yet, and by the looks of the scenes from the next episode, he’s not going to be. I don’t know what’s going to go down, but they show Juice shooting out some tires on bikes, then they show him and Jax standing on the side of the road and Jax is handing him back his cut!

They also show Happy telling Gemma that Jax needs to talk to her at the cabin, on club business. Do they know now? Did Juice tell them everything???? Ahhh…. Next week’s episode can’t come fast enough!


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