Oh. My. GOD! (I have a feeling we will all be saying that a lot this season), but seriously, things are already getting crazy and it’s only the first episode.
SoA_701_BlackWidower_1467_hires2So let’s get right to it, shall we? It looks like Jax has pretty much thrown out all hopes of actually being good. He really doesn’t seem to care about much since Tara was brutally murdered. I know eventually he’ll come around because of the boys, but right now he’s just hell bent on revenge.
While he was still in the slammer, which lasted all of 9 days before the DA decided to let him go, he was trying to get in good with the Aryans again, since that whole debacle last season when SAMCRO kind of killed everyone on the farm and planted the KG9’s there. So, in order to get in good he tortures some dude in the bathroom, carves a swastika into his stomach and pulls out some teeth to present to the guy in charge. And who is that guy in charge you ask? Oh, just Marilyn Manson! Yes, he looks like crap, but still, it’s MARILYN MANSON!!! (I’m a fan, okay!) Just after he hands over the teeth and makes amends the DA calls him in for a chat and lets him know that he’s basically free to go. They have nothing on him, and it looks like she’s dropping all the charges for the KG9’s and what happened at that school. So, he’s out and Gemma’s there to pick him up.
Let me back track for a minute to the opening scene… Did it make anyone else completely sick to their stomachs to see her with those boys? Seriously! She’s acting like everything’s just peachy and SHE KILLED THEIR MOTHER!!!! Oh man, I can not WAIT until Jax finds out what happened! She’s going down!
Okay, back to the show. Where was I? Okay, Jax is out, and has Gemma take him up to Scoops to see the guys. They are at some gang banger’s 7x01-Black-Widower-Jax-sons-of-anarchy-37469323-1001-1500house with T.O. and the guys in Lodi trying to find out who drove some care that killed his guys. When Chibs finds out Jax is on his way back they decide to speed up the process. The one guy that’s in a wheelchair and seems like he’s the leader won’t give anything up, so they chain him to Bobby’s bike and he takes him for a little joy ride to get him to talk. I know it was brutal, but I couldn’t help but laugh, I just love my boys in SAMCRO. Ultimately he does give up the info they need and they go to take care of everything for T.O., which again, is another hilarious murder scene. There’s a three-way going on, being recorded by a fat guy in panty hose, the girl involved pulls her gun out as soon as the guys enter the room, so of course they shoot everyone there, to find out that they’re all pastors! I don’t even know what to think of that, but seriously, the guy in panty hose, hilarious!
After that’s all done everyone is back at Scoops and Nero shows up to talk to Jax. He tells him how he’s been working with The Mayans in Stockton, and they’ve been working with the Chinese, everyone is a little on edge since Marx was given the guns with the Irish and they really need Jax to help smooth things over, which he does of course. He invites everyone to a party at the new Kara Kara, tells them that Connor will be there to talk about how things will work now that the SONS are out of the guns and Marx has taken over.
Meanwhile, Wendy checks out of rehab because, you know, 9 days is long enough to kick a heroin relapse, right? Unser picks her up and takes her home where she finds Juice hiding out. He’s terrified of the club now since Jax found out he ratted to Nero about what he had him do to Darvany and now he’s basically just waiting to die. Except Gemma’s helping him by letting him stay at Wendy’s while she’s gone. And of course she’s helping him, he helped her right? They both just need to go, but that won’t happen any time soon. Well, maybe they’ll get rid of Juice soon, it’s time. I felt so sorry for him in season 5, but in season 6 he just started getting on my nerves. Stop whining already! UGH! So yeah, Juice is at Wendy’s, she decides to let him stay there and she’s going to Gemma’s to help take care of the boys.
Now, back to the homecoming party for Jax. Everything seems to be going well, all the guys there are happy, especially since there’s free widhookers and booze. Gemma points out a lonely Chinese guy sitting at the bar and basically tells Jax that he’s the one she saw leaving his place and getting into a Mercedes the night Tara was murdered. He asks T.O. to follow the Chinese guy when he leaves and take him to Jax’s house. When Jax and the guys get there Gemma’s doing dishes like nothing’s going on, and leaves so that Jax can torture the crap out of this innocent guy. He doesn’t know he’s innocent, but still, what he does to him is insane and gross. He cuts him, beats him, rubs salt in all of his wounds and in the end, stabs him in the head with a meat fork just like “he” did to Tara. All while this is going on the guys are just standing around watching like it’s a TV show. And I’m pretty sure now that he just started a war with the Chinese, which will of course bleed over into other rival gangs. This is not going to end well!
Oh! And I completely forgot! When Unser went to pick Wendy up he grabbed her coat out of the closet and noticed Juice’s bag. So of course he went back to investigate and now Juice has him tied up in the bathroom.
Jax is losing all control and I honestly can’t wait to see what Kurt Sutter brings us this season. From what they showed on the upcoming episodes we see that Juice goes to give the Mayans all the info on SONS, and it looks like Alvarez ran right to Nero with that info because it showed him slamming who appeared to be Juice down on a table. Jax is going crazy, Scoops blows up and Chibs is inside (PLEASE DON’T KILL CHIBS!!!), Gemma’s losing it, and Courtney Love will be appearing as a Kindergarten teacher, really?
Alright Towelites, I need to go wrap my head around everything I just saw and take a breather now. I’ll be back next week with more crazy stories!