Hey guys! How’s everyone doing after this week’s episode? I know I’m still a mess over it, that was a tough one, but so amazing. I’m not going to talk about everything that happened in this post, I’m going to give this one completely to the people we loved and lost in this episode. Plus, I’m assuming you all watched it, so I really don’t have to re-hash everything, right?

The Good (if you want to call it good):

– Juice. A fan favorite, even when he was being a whiny pain in the ass. No matter what, no matter how many times I said he had to go, I still loved him deep down. And in the last few episodes he was really redeeming himself to me. From the beginning Juice has been one of my favorite characters. He was silly and cute and always had a smile on his face. Once season four came around you start to really feel for him and what he’s going through. And even though he was working against the club, he was 009200_755x422_246236_1524still doing it for them if that makes sense. He was scared that they would find out who he really is, tried to hang himself, and went on a downward spiral after that. Honestly, up until season six I was worried about him, I almost felt protective of him. Last season and this season he was really getting on my nerves, but then again, you always understood where he was coming from. The only thing Juice ever wanted was to be a part of that brotherhood. He had no real family, the guys WERE his family. If he didn’t have them, he didn’t have anything. Which is exactly why he agreed to go to jail and do what he did. He did it for Jax, he did it for SAMCRO, and for self preservation, because there was that small glimmer of hope that they would actually let him back in to the club. When the Chinese come into the infirmary, he knew what was going to go down. He knew they were going to retaliate because of Lin. But they decided not to kill him, because they needed to use him to get to Tully, they wanted him to take him out for them. The second he sat down at the table across from Tully I knew what was going to go down, I could feel it, and I couldn’t help but start getting teary eyed. When he slid the shank across the table and told him what the Chinese wanted, but that he wouldn’t do it, because if that happened it would cause more problems for the MC, and he knew that Jax had it set up that Tully would be the one to take him out. He was completely at peace with his decision, all he wanted was to finish his pie. In the end, Juice went out exactly like he should have, protecting the club. RIP Juice, you could be a pain in my ass, but I will always have a soft spot for you in my heart.

– Unser. Who didn’t love Unser? From the very beginning he was protecting the club, even when he was still Sheriff. He put his life on the line so many times for them, not to mention the fact that he knew every single secret, whether he wanted to or not. SOA_712_0771_hires1-938x535And all he wanted was to protect them. More importantly to protect Gemma, Tara and the boys. His love for Gemma knew no bounds. He had loved her since elementary school. He had always had her back, no matter what, and she knew that she could rely on him for anything. Everybody could. Is there a body that needs cleaning up? Call Unser. Is there a crime scene that needs to be covered up? Call Unser. He was their go to because they knew they could trust him. And even though this season he’s had his questions about everything, and he’s questioned the club, Jax, Gemma and their decisions, even when Gemma kicked him out of TM, he still couldn’t let go. Unser was a reliable old dog, and not in a bad way. He has taken hits, been tied up, been beaten and had swastikas carved into him, he’s dealt with way more than one should have to, and still stuck by them. And all he ever wanted to do was sit in his trailer and smoke weed. Just being close to Gemma was good enough to him. Knowing that she knew he was there for her, that’s all he needed. And just like always, when Nero tells him where Gemma is, and that Jax knew, he didn’t hesitate, he got in his truck and high tailed it to Oregon to try and save her once again. When he got to her Dad’s house it was obvious she knew it was him, and as she’s sitting going through her box of stuff, there was still a comfort between the two of them. When Jax got there Unser was at the ready to protect her, even knowing what she had done, he was still on her side. As he and Jax are standing there, guns pointed at each other, he still refuses to back down. Even when Jax puts his gun down and almost begs him to leave, he won’t go. He looks at Gemma and says, “This is all I have left.” So Jax shot him. Which I did NOT see coming, not at all. I thought he would make it to the end, that he would just live out the cancer and everything else. I was in total shock. But when you take the time to think about it, it makes sense. It’s almost as if Jax shooting him was helping him. If Gemma is all Unser had left, then what would he have once Jax was done? A trailer in the parking lot of a garage and cancer? That’s really not much of a life now is it? As sad as I was to see him go, I understand. RIP Wayne Unser, you were loved by all.

– Gemma. What can you say about Gemma? She was amazing, and infuriating, and hilarious. Gemma was every body’s mom, but everyone was afraid of her too. She knew every little thing that went on with the club, actually, she really controlled imageseverything that went on with the club, even though she was just an “Old Lady.” Almost every bad thing that happened was somehow connected to her. She had her hand in every cookie jar. But no matter what she did, even after killing Tara, you couldn’t help but love her. The only thing in the world to her was her family. She would do anything to protect them, even if it meant that other people would get hurt in the process. She really didn’t care, as long as they were happy. The club was her life. She didn’t know any other way. Her love for Jax was so deep it was almost obsessive at times. She couldn’t handle him being upset with her, or the idea that she had hurt him. Which is exactly why I think everything that happened between them at her Dad’s house was perfect. In all honesty, I thought that whole scene was so beautiful. Gemma was so calm and at peace. She knew exactly what was coming and she had accepted that, actually, she welcomed it. I think she was ready for it all to be over. She knew what she had done, what she had caused in the process, and she knew that there was no coming back from it. Not with Jax, not with anyone. No one would forgive her for what she did, and what does she have without the club? Without Jax and the boys? Nothing. She has absolutely nothing. There’s this connection between her and Jax, even though she knows she’s going to die, and he knows he’s going to kill her, there’s still only love in that room with them. He lets her say her peace, they smile over a picture of his great-grandfather and she asks if she can go out into the garden. She stands there with her back to him, and he has his gun pointed at her, but starts crying and lowers it. It’s like she can just feel what he’s going through. As he lowers the gun she says, “I love you Jackson, from the deepest, purest part of my heart. You have to do this, it’s who we are. It’s okay. I’m ready.” And she’s standing there with this look of peace on her face, and he shoots her in the head. I know that had to be the hardest thing in the world for Jax to do, but I think knowing that she wanted it, that she told him it was okay, I think he’ll be able to actually move on now. He has avenged Tara’s death and that was all he wanted to do. So, RIP Gemma, the woman every body loved to hate. You were one of the greatest characters ever written, and you will live on in every one of us.


So there you have it Towelites. We lost three big ones this episode. And I have no idea where Kurt Sutter is taking it from here. All I know is that Jax goes to the DA and it seems like he tells her pretty much everything. On Anarchy Afterward Sutter said that he feels that everyone will be satisfied with the finale, that he doesn’t feel like he has let the fans down. I’m so anxious to see what happens, and I’m so sad that it’s ending.

Here’s a preview for the final episode ‘Papa’s Goods’