Hey Towelites! Another episode of Sons of Anarchy is come and gone, which brings us one step closer to the end. I’m not happy about that at all, but I am excited to see where this is going.
Jax is just drowning in his quest for revenge, and he really doesn’t care who he takes down in the process does he? Sons of Anarchy toil and till 01His plan for now is to take out the Chinese completely, but slowly so that Lin thinks he’s on his side and trying to help. He calls in the guys from the Nevada Charter to come help with taking them out during one of the gun drops and as always Jury is there, without question, he even brings guys in that his “whores” know with a truck to help out. So they’re at the drop and they bombard the Chinese and start killing them all off, one guy gets away and Jax and Chibs chase him down and kill him. But man, was that a car chase or what?! Chibs in the bed of the truck, getting thrown out and climbing back up, guns, crashes! Anyhow, the catch the guy and find out that there’s heroin in the briefcase, which apparently they trade guns for drugs in some instances, then they kill him and that’s that. They split the drugs with Nevada, take the guns and tell the dudes with the truck that they’ll make it up to them since they totaled the thing, get their address and everyone goes on their merry way.
Now, I understand that Jax is trying to take out the Chinese, considering he thinks that they are the ones that killed Tara, and he’s not thinking straight right now. But why doesn’t anyone else in the club tell him that he’s acting crazy? I mean, Chibs and Bobby have good heads on their shoulders, can’t they see that this is going to go terribly wrong? I wouldn’t expect Tig or Happy to say anything because they’re insane, but someone has to try to straighten him out!
Juice is still holed up at Wendy’s place when Gemma stops by with a fresh burner, $4,300 and the keys to her Dad’s house, which is empty. Tells him to get out of town and lay low. He can’t be in Charming, if anyone sees him he’s dead. And lets face it, Juice is such a little whiny baby there’s no way he can keep the secret about Tara and the sheriff for very long. But does he go? Oh no! He tries, he drives around town, calls Chibs and hangs up, but then goes back to Wendy’s in the end. Obviously he has a death wish, and I’m pretty sure his wish will come true soon enough.
Unser has been asked to be a correspondent for the new sheriff, played by Annabeth Gish, and he accepts the job, but asks that they give him the file on Tara’s death for him to look over. Gemma finds it in his trailer and gets that worried Gemma look on her face, which means that Unser doesn’t know! Sons of Anarchy toil and till 02I thought for sure she would have told him what happened and that he was helping her to cover it up, but nope! So, my question is this: Who is going to tell Jax? Is Unser going to figure it out after going over the case? Is Nero going to find out? I know that both Nero and Unser would protect Gemma until their dying days, Unser more than Nero, but is this something they could keep from Jax? Does Juice cave before they kill him and confess that he helped? UGH! I just want him to find out now! I can’t wait to see what he does!
Later on that night Jax, Bobby and Chibs go to the house where Jury’s guys are at to “square things up” with them. They find them sitting around drinking and playing video games, and when they’re sure that no one else is around, they kill them, plant the heroin and a couple of the guns from the drop (one in particular is super recognizable, and Lin would know for a fact that it was his guy’s gun) and then leave so that they can make it look like they found the guys that did it, Lin would think they were on his side, and they could continue on with their plan. What Jax doesn’t realize is that Jury has some kind of a relationship with one of the guys, I’m thinking maybe they’re dating? And he goes to the house to see him only to find him dead, and find the guns and heroin, so of course he knows that Jax set them up! So now, not only will Jax be dealing with an all out gang war, because you know it will end up coming to that, he’s double crossed his own club and he’ll have to deal with that too! Get over the craziness Jax and come back to me! I know that good guy is still in there!
I’m honestly not sure what’s going to happen next week, my dvr decided to cut off before they showed it, but I know it will be intense and insane.