Where do I even begin with this week’s episode? Things are getting so out of hand and confusing right now. I know, there’s always confusion and Kurt Sutter always keeps something completely hidden from the audience, but still, aside from the fact that Jax wants to take down the Chinese, I have no idea what his game plan is. At this point he’s turning Tyler and the Niners against Marx, all because Marx made some slight threat to him about killing him and the Sons if he wasn’t completely honest with him. So Jax takes out some dudes that were branching off from the Niners, gives the information to Barosky, then he gives the info to the Mayans to meet up with the rest of the guys that are looking to go in a different direction to take them out. So let’s count now, we have 1, 2, 3 and 4 possible gangs at war now. I get it, Jax wants to settle the score on what happened to Tara, I get that he’s not thinking clearly and that he’s throwing all caution to the wind. He doesn’t care what happens to him, to him he has nothing to live for anymore except for revenge. But he has Abel and Thomas, and eventually that’s going to get to him. Right now he is absolutely everything he never wanted to be. He has turned into the monster, and all these journals he’s been keeping for the boys, he’s just proving to them that none of what he said mattered at all. Yes, grief can make you do crazy things, but Jax has been going off the deep end since Opie died, I think he just likes it there now.
SOA Playing with Monsters 01Juice and Unser made a deal that they would help each other out. Unser made Juice tell him everything he knew about Tara’s murder, so of course he spun the whole Chinese story, and you know that will somehow get in the way of the club’s plans to take them out. In return, Unser sets it up for Juice to talk to Chibs, the only one in the club that he feels he can trust enough to actually see in person without getting killed. They meet up at some diner and Juice actually asks Chibs what he can do to get back into the club. SERIOUSLY?!?! At this point everybody hates you Juice, you should know better than that! How long has he been a part of this? He knows how it works, he knows, for a fact, that there is nothing he can do at this point to win his way back into everybody’s hearts. Before he even betrayed Jax to Nero they were all wary of him. Now, he’s ratted on Jax, and helped Gemma cover up Tara’s murder AND shot the sheriff (not that anyone knows about Tara and Eli yet, but still) and he thinks he can just go crawling back? Get out of town if you want to live Juicy Boy, no body here likes you anymore.
Bobby calls Jury to find out about the guys they offfed after the Chinese thing, since the guy that Lin sent to talk to the Sons said there was only one body at the house. Obviously Jury took Gibby with him. Jury just pretended that everything was fine on his end, though it isn’t, and he’s sitting there in his house with dog tags and the gun. So here’s my question, is he going to kill himself? Because that’s what it looked like to me. And who was Gibby to him? At first I thought it was maybe his boyfriend, and then I thought it was his son. Either way though, when it all went down Jax specifically said to him that he needed trust worthy, disposable men, so why would he send someone that mattered? I guess we’ll find out.
There’s a crazy altercation between one of the girls at Diosa, Sandy, and her Dad who’s basically stealing all her money. SOA Playing with Monsters 02He had obviously hit her when Gemma heard them arguing and went into the kitchen to see what was going on. Of course she has to step right in and try to get Sandy’s dad to leave, but he hits her, which Nero sees, and he goes absolutely crazy on this dude. Abel sees everything, of course, and starts asking questions. Sandy’s dad calls the cops and threatens to press charges. And this is where things got a bit interesting. The new sheriff shows up to question everyone, and basically tells the Sons that she’s on their side, and will help them if they help her. She also hits on Chibs, and all I have to say to that is STEP OFF, HE IS MINE!
After debating, Chibs meets up with her and gives her two grand to get her to back off of putting the APB out on Juice and to get her to stop looking into the Chinese, because that would screw everything up for them if the cops get involved.
In the meantime, Jax send Tig and Happy out with T.O. and the guys in Lodi to one of the Chinese massage parlors and has them trash it and say that “August Marx doesn’t care who’s business this is!” so that Lin puts the blame on Marx.
And Gemma bakes a cake for Sandy’s dad and her and Jax take it over to him to ‘apologize’ for the misunderstanding earlier, and by apologize I mean Gemma has Jax kick his ass bloody and watches with no remorse. She honestly makes me want to scream! I can’t wait until Jax finds out!
Oh, and not that this really has anything to do with anything, but Brooke and Rat Boy hooked up, and I know she says she loves him and stuff, but isn’t she only like 15?
Next weeks scenes were a bit confusing, so I’m honestly not sure what’s coming. I know there’s gun shots and knives involved so I’m thinking more people are going to die.
Till next time Towelites!