Yet again another episode that doesn’t disappoint, but what do you expect really? As usual there’s a bunch of crazy going on. Makes you wonder if the guys ever just have a normal day doesn’t it?
First of all, Jax is making a deal with Tully and the Aryans. I guess he was going to sell them the rest of the Chinese heroin, but I’m not sure if he’s doing it to make sure he has them on his side or if he’s doing it to set them up and make the Chinese think they had something to do with everything that went down a couple weeks ago. We all know how much Jax and the guys hate the Nazis, so I’m thinking that he’s possibly setting them up, but who knows. All I know is that the deal didn’t go down as planned since the deputies followed them and the Nazis shot them both. The guy didn’t make it, but the girl is still alive, so I’m wondering if she’s going to wake up and be able to tell anyone that she saw the SONS with the Aryans. We’ll see. Though I’m sure they would make sure to take care of her if they thought she was any threat.
Abel is starting pre-school, which isn’t something that is really important or interesting, but the fact that they have Courtney Love playing his teacher is hilarious to me. Really? Courtney Love? A teacher? Alright Kurt Sutter, you know what’s best, let’s see if Miss World can pull it off.
Gemma and Juice both seem to be talking to ghosts. The whole ride home after Gemma dropped Abel off she was talking to Tara, and Juice was talking to the ghost of someone in the hotel room. Sons of Anarchy Poor Little Lambs 01I think they’re both just losing it, Juice especially. He had yet another break down in this episode. I almost felt sorry for him, almost, but not quite. I know I’ve said it before, but I’m getting a bit sick of him. Seasons 4 and 5 I felt bad for him, I just wanted him to be alright, but then season 6 came, and I had had enough. That’s 3 whole seasons of him whining. Get some help already!
Apparently Marx has some sort of a deal going on with the Preacher the guys shot in episode 1. You remember him, right? The one in the panty hose. Well, obviously Marx can’t find him since he’s buried, but the guys have to dig him up to get his phones so they can help find his wife, which they do with the help of everyone’s favorite transexual Venus! (I’m so excited she’s back, I seriously love her so much!) I guess the preacher was a regular client of hers, so she was able to give the guys some info on where his lake house is. They make it out there, and break in, and out of no where gun shots go off! Tig got hit, but don’t worry folks, he’s fine. I figured he would be since they didn’t focus on it at all. The preachers step-son and wife high tail it out of the garage, only to end up driving straight into the lake. Like the hero he can be, Jax jumps right in to save them and finds out what’s going on with the whole Marx deal and why they’re running from him. I guess the deal started with Pope and the preacher, where they would make some fake organization to build low income housing, but would really use the organization to launder money. The wife doesn’t want to do it, but realizes there’s no way around it. If she wants to live then she has to sign the papers. That’s basically where we left off there.
Now it’s time to talk about the insanity.
Everyone is back at Scoops, Tig is there all bandaged up, they called Venus over to help take care of him, and after years of them flirting they finally make out. Seriously, Tig has wanted her since he first laid eyes on her, so good for them!
Sheriff Jarry shows up to talk to the guys and ask them about the whole Nazi shoot out, and to let them know that Haas (Sandy’s dad that Jax beat up) was dropping the charges on them and Nero. Out of nowhere a van pulls up, a Chinese guy gets out and throws a grenade into the shop! Everyone is fine, but now there’s yet another SOA clubhouse burnt down.
While they’re dealing with all of that, the Chinese make their way over to Diosa and you know nothing good will come of this. Sons of Anarchy Poor Little LambsThe one guy calls Nero to tell him that what’s about to happen is nothing personal to him, that it’s payback to the Sons and they all high tail it over there to find out what’s happening, well, everyone except Chibs who drove Althea home and held her hand.
When they get there they find every single person there, including Colette, who I actually liked, dead. So here’s what I have to say to that. You openly start a war on the Chinese, you can’t be surprised that they’re going to retaliate. It could have been so much worse than that. Yes, it’s terrible that all of those people are dead. Luckily Lila was at RedWoody and not at Diosa like she usually is, otherwise she would have been a goner too. The only person there that mattered to anyone was Colette, the rest were all just the whores and the johns. Though, this will be devastating to the Club and to Nero considering no one will want to work there or use them for their services, so they will be hard pressed for income to say the least.
At the very, during the montage of the episode, they show both Juice and Gemma packing guns with silencers. I thought, for a split second, that Juice was going to shoot Wendy, but then realized he wouldn’t do that. I’m wondering what all that is about.
And, I had a theory. I’m wondering, when the guys FINALLY get a hold of Juice and are about to take him out, if maybe he’s the one who tells Jax everything that went down with Tara. We all know how he is with secrets, and he’s definitely not a cold blooded killer since he couldn’t handle what he had to do with Darvany, you know what happened with Tara has to be eating at him.
Now we just have to wait another week to find out what happens next. I can’t believe there’s only 9 episodes left! I don’t want it to end!!!