Okay guys, we’re on episode 5 now so you know everything is about to start unraveling.
Turns out that the Nevada Charter knew about where the guns were hidden, and are also the only other people that knew what happened with the gun drop and the Chinese. So that makes me think that Jury ratted on the club to Lin as payback for Gibby. I’m still trying to figure that whole situation out, but I have nothing but speculation at this point, so I’m not going to trouble myself over it, not when there’s a million other things going on.
Obviously, Lin now knows that it was The MC that hit his massage parlors and everything else. He goes to talk to Nero to try to get him to turn Jax over, by threatening not only him, but Lucious. SOA E5 01Of course we all know that Nero isn’t going to turn on Jax, though he does get a good sucker punch in when he talks to him about all the lies he’s been telling. Jax finally tells him everything he knows about the Chinese killing Tara and how he’s going to take Lin out, no matter what. So Nero’s back on his side now (like he ever really left) and is working with them to get Lin out to the ports with his whole crew, spinning a story that the SONS are going to be at the ports and as a good faith gesture will have the heroin in the warehouse, along with an army of guys there to kill everyone. When what really happened was Jax and Chibs show up and have only the heroin, and tell Lin that all of the hits were on Marx’s orders, tell him to take them with them and they can sit down and get everything worked out together. Lin falls for it, and as they’re driving along they get pulled over by a bunch of Barosky’s crooked cops. They handcuff all of the Chinese to the fence, except for Lin, and Jax tells him that this is all payback for killing Tara. They start fighting, and just before it starts to get really good Jarry calls to tell Chibs that the local PD and SWAT are on their way because they’ve been tailing Lin. The SONS have to get out of there before anything major happens. Barosky’s guys handcuff Lin and it looks like they are all going to jail.
Let me just say something, I love Jarry! She is the most level headed sheriff Charming has ever had. She knows how to work with the law and the bad guys, how to make sure everyone is getting what they need. She doesn’t want to see the SONS go down, because she knows that Charming needs them, but at the same time she has to do her job.
Because of what happened at Diosa, everyone is on lock down at Red Woody. Abel is starting to ask questions and act out a bit. When Jax talks to him Abel asks if he has to take care of everyone there. And Jax tells him yes, it’s his responsibility to make sure everyone there is safe. Abel takes that to heart, and being just like his father, puts Thomas in his stroller and stands guard over him with a hammer. That kid has seen way too much. And people actually wonder why Tara would want to get the boys out of that environment. You can just see how Abel is going to fall right into that lifestyle as soon as he’s old enough.
Meanwhile, Juice is waiting for Gemma to come get him and take him to Oregon to her Dad’s house, and he sees an Asian man while he’s at the vending machine. The guy goes to talk to him and follows him to his room, but Juice is freaked out and hides. He just read about what happened at Diosa and knows that it’s the Chinese, and that it’s actually his and Gemma’s fault that it happened, and is now convinced that they found him and are after him.
The guy comes back and unlocks the door, so Juice SOA E5 02knocks him out. As soon as he comes to he shoots him. Turns out that he wasn’t part of the Chinese gang, he was just someone that worked at the building. Juice was supposed to have checked out the day before and he was probably just trying to get everything straightened out. Now Juice has yet another innocent person’s death on his hands. AND, poor Unser has to clean up yet another mess.
Seriously, can’t that guy catch a break? He’s always the one that has to take care of everything and everybody.
Gemma and Juice get out of there and he falls asleep while they’re driving. When he wakes up he realizes that she’s not driving in the direction she should be, and she tells him this bs story about how Nero is going to help get him into Mexico. That’s when he tells her everything about what happened with Darvany and how he knows Nero would never help him, because he wants him dead too. He realizes that Gemma’s taking him there to kill him, and when she grabs for her gun he grabs the wheel and they crash the car. They both get out, but only Juice has a gun now and the last thing we see is Gemma begging for her life while he’s standing over her.
PLEASE don’t let him be the one that kills her! Does she deserve to die? Absolutely! But it has to be by Jax. She can not die before he knows the truth about what happened. I’m sure Juice won’t kill her, I don’t think he has it in him to kill someone he loves and is part of the MC, but who knows. He’s off his rocker, he could do anything at this point.
Oh, before I go I just have to say something about the whole situation with Barosky’s guy in the pawn shop, the one that was supposed to be keeping watch on the warehouses and was given money not to. I know I didn’t bring him up earlier, there’s just so much to cover, but I have to mention the whole situation with Tig and the flute! How hilarious was that? Ahhh… I love how this show has so much insanity and chaos, but can still make you laugh out loud.
That’s all we have for now. But with only 8 episodes left I know that everything will be coming together real soon. It has to!