Okay guys, things are starting to come together. With only 5 episodes left I was hoping we would have some questions answered.

We know that Tyler is still playing both sides, which is why he wasn’t at the meeting. He’s helping the MC find out where Marks has Bobby. Speaking of which, he told them that they told them that if they don’t hear anything within 24 hours that they will cut a piece of Bobby off every hour until there’s no more of him left. Of course that doesn’t phase Bobby one bit. He doesn’t even look scared. He’s loyal to a fault. When Moses tells him to just put his cigarette out on a piece of paper where they have the different construction sites written on, so that they can find the preacher’s body, Bobby just laughs at him. When he threatens to cut off his clutch hand, Bobby just laughs at him. He won’t say a word about anything.

While all of this is going on, and Jax trying to figure out what to do about that situation, they were able to find out who Gibby was and who his parents are. They take a ride out to talk to them, to find out more information and try to figure out who ratted them to the Chinese. When they get to the compound the people inside just start shooting with machine guns. Luckily no one was hit, but it took Jax holding a gun to their son to get them to stop and come out to talk. They find out that Gibby was a vet, just got back from Iraq not too long ago, and that… Drum roll please… Jury was his birth father! I knew it! I told you guys it had to be that! Which means that they now need to talk to him. SOA E7 02They call a meeting with Jury and his VP out in the middle of nowhere basically. Jax takes Jury aside and asks him point blank what happened. When he explains the situation, that he was just starting to get to know Gibby, that he got in touch with him when he got back from Iraq and they were just building a relationship, that’s when Jax gunned him down. When Jax asked him why he didn’t come to him about it Jury just said that he couldn’t. But he also denied ever having ratted them out. He said he wanted him dead, but he never would have turned them in. Then he starts talking about John, and how he and John were best friends towards the end of his life. How John would have hated what Jax had turned into, it’s everything he didn’t want for the club. He thinks that John killed himself, ran his bike into that semi just to end it. Well, Jax didn’t like that, so he shot Jury in the head and claimed that it was self defense. That Jury admitted to telling the Chinese and that he went to pull his gun, he had no choice. I could understand him saying that at first, since the VP was there and he obviously doesn’t want to start a war with one of his own, Indian Hills has always been there for them, like he would intentionally break that up. BUT, here’s my problem. Jax has gotten into quite the habit of lying. At the end when Chibs asked him straight out what really happened, he still stuck with his self defense story. He totally could have told Chibs, he would have had his back no matter what. He would have given him a good speech about why he shouldn’t have done it, but he still would have backed him up.

Abel has been acting out since Tara’s death. He’s violent, keeps getting sent home from school and is scared that something is going to happen to Thomas. He even sleeps on the floor by his crib to protect him. The kid is scared to death that something terrible is going to happen to someone else that he loves, and now that he knows Gemma killed his mom, he has to be terrified. This, just like everything else that’s going on, is Gemma’s fault. Tara kept those boys safe and sheltered them from as much of the club lifestyle as she possibly could. She would take them to daycare instead of having Gemma or someone else babysit them. She was always home with them, never leaving them with one babysitter or another. Gemma just lets them see everything, she hides nothing from them, just like she did with Jax. So now, Abel hit some kid in the head with a metal lunchbox, giving him a big gash in the head, and when he gets sent home Gemma just threatens to hit the teacher in the head with a lunchbox. Once they’re home, Gemma’s talking to him about what happened and he said it was an accident. Gemma asks him if he knows what an accident is and Abel just looked at her and said, “Do you?” Yes!!!! What a great line! Ah, Gemma, you’re going down and Abel is going to be the one to take you there!

After they get home with Abel Gemma goes to look for Thomas and realizes that her birds aren’t in their cage. When she’s looking around her room to try to figure out where they are she notices blood on the pillow case. All of her birds have been slaughtered and put in her bed, which is devastating to her, we all know how much Gemma loves her birds. When she goes running to Thomas’s room there’s a stuffed animal on the wall with a knife through it and written in crayon below it says, “NO SON IS SAFE.” Obviously it was a message from Marks. Luckily, just as they find the note, Brooke walks in with Thomas and Quinn. So everyone is safe, but does this mean that they will go after Jax’s family now?

As soon as Jax sees that he calls to tell Marks he will give him the location of the preacher’s body and the statement that his wife had signed, but not the wife and son. Apparently Marks’s terms are not negotiable, because they grab Bobby, pin him down and cut off his fingers! Poor Bobby! SOA E7 01Seriously, he’s one of the greatest guys in the world, why can’t they just leave him with one eye and be done with it? Jax will give you what you want, just let Bobby go!

Nero has everything set up with his Uncle about the farm, he can move in whenever he wants. So now he’s just tying up all of his loose ends in Stockton, and waiting for the deal to come through with Alvarez and Diosa, getting help set up for Lucius and trying to convince Gemma and Wendy to come live there with the boys. I have a bad feeling about this though. Everything is falling into place for Nero, he’s getting what he’s always wanted, he’s happy, he’ll be with his son and hopefully Gemma, they’ll be happy and safe. So you know something is going to happen to stop that right? I really hope nothing happens to Nero, he’s such a great guy, he deserves to live a happy life. I’m really scared for him right now.

The last thing that really happened is that Juice gave some name to Jarry and Unser and told them that he’d give them another name and the weapon used in Tara’s death if they could get him the deal that he would be in ad seg in Stockton. After they talk to him Unser realizes why he’s there in the first place, that he’s trying to get back in good with the club and take down Lin from the inside. Really, you can’t put much past Unser can you? So now Juice is just waiting so that he can keep spinning the whole Chinese story. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I don’t think it’s going to be anything good.

Next week’s episode looks like it’s digging in even deeper with Marks. Grant (the preacher’s step-son) is trying to handle things with him on his own.

And, we see that Bobby is still alive! So there’s still hope that he won’t be killed off, just a bit mutilated and tortured.