This week’s episode of Sons of Anarchy was absolutely devastating. Jax agrees to give everything, well, almost everything, over to August in exchange for Bobby. He brings along the preacher’s step-son as promised, the signed statement from his wife and the preacher’s mutilated body, completely willing to settle the score then and there. After Marks’s right hand man frisks Jax, and Chibs does the same to Marks everyone but the two of them, the preacher’s son and Bobby leave. Just as August releases Bobby over to Jax, Bobby is trying to tell him something. As he’s saying, “he has a gun,” Marks pulls it out from the back of Bobby’s pants and points it at Jax. At that point I was thinking that he was going to shoot the son, but instead he shoots Bobby in the head. The last of the original Redwoods, the most loyal of them all, Bobby freakin’ Elvis is dead. The rest of the episode deals with the aftermath of that, as well as a few other issues.

The Good:

– While digging up the preacher’s body to sever his head Tig says to Happy, “You know why I like teaming up with you Hap? sonsofanarchy0709Because when I’m with you I’m the normal one.” Honestly people, Tig and Happy just make me giggle.

– Jarry tells Unser that Dunn was in a Vegas jail the night that Tara was murdered, so they now know that Juice and Gemma are lying. You could just see the wheels in Unser’s head spinning when he found that out. And when he told Jarry that Gemma will basically just play dumb by saying it was dark or that all Chinese look alike to cover her tracks, so that they need to keep it a secret right now. You know he knows something is up.

– Because they know that Dunn wasn’t the guy, Jarry has Juice put in solitary instead of ad seg in jail to keep him from killing Lin, and from getting himself killed.

– Jax is having Bobby buried behind the cabin to keep him close. It was really difficult watching everyone with him. It really breaks my heart knowing that Bobby is gone. Don’t get me wrong, I knew that someone big was going to go, so it didn’t take me by surprise like Opie and Tara did, but I was really hoping that Bobby would be one of the last men standing.

– While Gemma is saying her goodbyes to Bobby, Abel overhears her asking for his forgiveness. Is that kid going to just walk 51b5722d96b6471bc7bc46664933cf16in on every bad situation and conversation possible? He is seriously going to be messed up for life. Though, it’s making it pretty obvious that he is going to be the one that outs her to Jax, or at least to Wendy.

– I’m glad that Gemma realizes that everything that’s been going on with the club is her fault. The war, Diosa, now Bobby. It’s all because she couldn’t keep her calm and find out what was really going on with Tara.

– Instead of trying to take care of Marks themselves, Jax and Chibs decide to throw one to Jarry to let her know they’re good on their word. They give her the signed statement from the preacher’s wife, along with a map to where his body (sans his head and arm) are buried. The last scene is Marks being taken out of a club by the cops and Jax looking him and his right hand man in the eye as he rides by on his bike.

– Chibs and Jarry in the parking garage! When she tells him to take her right there if he has any feelings for her at all, I honestly wasn’t sure what he was going to do. But like he cares where he’s at and who’s watching? Though, with her being the sheriff and all, I thought maybe she would. But she was more ready than he was! And poor Quinn having to just sit there and watch. Ha!

The Bad:

– I really wish they would get on with the whole Gemma killed Tara deal, but I completely understand why they’re holding out utsetlongwith it. With only 5 episodes left they have to keep us going. The war is just about over, it has to come to a close soon, right? I know there’s more to settle, but I think they’re getting close to being done with it. Which leaves the whole Gemma/Juice/Tara situation to deal with. I can’t wait to find out how Jax deals with that! I really don’t think he’ll kill Gemma, I don’t think he can, but I do think he’ll turn her in and let her rot in jail.

– Anarchy Afterward. The whole talk show after the episode is cool with me, but Chris Franjola is just awkward. The whole show just seemed odd to me, and he seemed really nervous. Fire him and bring in Hardwick!

Next week who the heck knows what’s going to happen. They show you snippets of stuff, but I honestly have no clue. I know that Jax talks to Tully. I know that Juice is still in jail. I know that there’s shooting. But really, that’s every episode. They really don’t want to give anything away do they?

Here’s a preview of the next episode