What would you pay to have a library of video games at your streaming fingertips? I’ll let you stew on that question while you watch SONY’s official announcement video.

As stated, the service will only be available for PS4 owners and will feature a decent sized library of PS3 games. Now what they don’t tell you during the video is what the cost of the sub is. Here’s the breakdown:

PS Now graphic

So the first question that comes up for me is, how will this effect the PS+ subs? Will we get crappier games due to the streaming service? Another question I have is in regards to SONY’s other systems, the PS3 and Vita, will the service be available? Lastly, will other games from previous systems be available?

This is one thing that I don’t understand about SONY. They don’t make their systems backwards compatible, for example you can’t play PS3 discs on a PS4. Nor have they built a decent library of PS2 games in their online store. So really this service is made for people who own a PS4 that want to play PS3 games. Sounds kind of lame for those of us who have invested in SONY for years.

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