As we have mentioned before, being a Skyrim player on PS3 has been a rough time. Between a slew of glitches and game crashing bugs, and getting updates months after the other versions have been patched;  its been taxing. The most frustrating part though, would be watching DLC come to the other platforms, and not hearing a peep out of Bethesda as to when its going to be hitting the PS3. The bright side at this point though is it seems Sony is using its considerable resources to get the DLC onto its PS3 System.

Kotaku recently did and Interview with Sony’s Vice President, Adam Boyes, who told them that its “developer support team” is working closely with Bethesda to get all the kinks worked out. No timeline has been given, but its good to know that PS3 gamers have something to be hopeful about!

Check back with DFAT as we hear more!

~The Ox