Those of you, who remember the old PSP, may remember a cable that you could hook up to your TV to play the system on a big screen. Now you would think that SONY would consider something similar when it came to putting the Vita on TV as well. Guess again. Instead what we are getting soon, sometime this November in Japan, is a totally separate device that you have to purchase separate of the VITA itself, called PS Vita TV. What is the function? Pretty much the same as Vita only played on the TV, only. Confused? I am. So if you are stuck at home and would rather hook this “ingenious” device up to your TV instead of your PS3 or even your new PS4, instead you spend more money to play Vita, even though the touch options are not transferred over. Most people who have a Vita most likely are owners of the PS3, so we can do all of that on our own, you know like watch Hulu and other crap. Are you really trying to sell us your version of Apple TV? If I am traveling somewhere, why would I want to take both devices? So Sony let me ask you a question. What was so difficult that you couldn’t create software for current Vitas and put out a cable that would hook up to a TV like PSP did? DO you think after a lackluster release and game schedule that you haven’t pissed off Playstation fans already? Consider this my friends, if you are going to make the Vita a larger part of the PS world by incorporating it into the PS4 functionality, why would you make it that gamers who have already purchased your handheld system have to buy something else, totally unrelated to the handheld itself. So those of you who want to “try Vita” but don’t want the actually console this is great for you, though come PS4 time you won’t be using it for the total cross-console experience. Look for it on November 15th, only in Japan for now, for 9480 yen, approx. $100 or so. No word yet on North America release. There will also be a bundle deal with Dual Shock Controller and 8 GB memory card for about $150. No word yet on if the new Vita systems revealed at the Tokyo Game Show will have compatibility with this system, or if the TV device will be needed for everyone. More to come.

 ps vita TV 2

PS vita TV 1

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