Sony recently announced a new version of their PlayStation; the PS3 Slim (version 2).

PS2 Slim v2

With a new design, and even smaller then it’s previous version, this PlayStation is about 25% slimmer then its predecessor.

Now, it’s nothing really new to go get, but if you don’t have a PS3, I suggest doing so.  I own all the consoles (Wii, 360, PS3), and I have to admit that the PS3, by far, is the best one.  Sure, I’ll give credit to the xBox for perfecting online gaming – but I’m a movie watcher – and the add on of a blu-ray player (and good quality at that, not to mention it also plays 3D discs), is well worth having one.

I could get into the details of how PlayStation’s menu looks better and is more user friendly (to its competitor consoles) – but all that is personal preference.  I could mention how I’ve transfered music to it, so I can listen to my favorite albums through my surround sound, but that’s not important either.  The main point is, Playstation provides some of the best games (many of them exclusive to Sony, such as God of War and Journey), and at the same time, will be your main Blu-ray player.

PS3 Slim comes out on September 25th in a 250GB version, and on October 30th in a 500 GB version – this one available in the typical Charcoal black, AND in classic white.

Anyone interested?