Get the cat-eating, puppet wise-cracking, 80’s charming outta here! Can it be true? An ALF movie say you? Honestly, 10 years ago this would have been pretty big news. Now, with remakes and relaunches and the success of The Smurfs making half a BILLION dollars, well, nothing much surprises me anymore in the way of remakes of 80’s tv/movie franchises.  In case you don’t even know what the Melmac I’m talking about, ALF, is an ‘alien life form’ from the planet Melmac, who gets stranded on Earth and has a proclivity for dining on feline tissue. He gets shacked up with a loveable American family that puts up with his eccentricities; and hilarity ensues from 1986-90. Hey, it was the 80’s remember? Anything goes.

A representative for Sony confirms that the film is currently being planned as a mix of live-action and CGI — similar to The Smurfs, Smurfs producer Jordan Kerner will produce ALF: The Movie alongside original ALF creators Tom Patchett and Paul Fusco. The Hollywood Reporter notes that Fusco is once again expected to provide ALF‘s voice.


This news is being brought to you straight out of Melmac, with a little help from EW.