Spacecom: Simply Strategy

This review is of a title still in beta. Features and gameplay may change before final release. Opinions of the game have not been influenced by any outside party. Codes for access were provided by the developer.

Spacecom_screens_05For what SpaceCom lacks in fancy effects, realistic graphics and proprietary battle mechanics it makes up for in simplicity and style.

It’s a simple game, with systems and starships represented by circles and triangles across a lovely star map that is closer to the diagram of a molecule than a Mass Effect map. Points and clicks will get you to whatever system you seek to occupy or destroy.

You command three types of fleets:
• Battle Fleets – Defend your own systems and wage war against others. They won’t convert a system to your side, nor do they deploy ground troops.
• Siege Fleets – Destroy systems so neither you or your opponent can use them or the resources they contain.
• Invasion Fleets – Deploy ground troops in the system for defense and also offense, converting them to your side.

Systems will provide resources such as shipyards (for building fleets), resources (so you can build your fleets up and bolster

system defenses) and trade routes (because sometimes it’s easier to steal things from other people).Spacecom_screens_04

There are also things like attrition damage, which will cripple your fleets over time as they are far away from the supply lines. Moving your units back into friendly space will stop the bleeding but it won’t fix any damage.

The beauty of it, as mentioned before, you only have to focus on where you’re moving your troops and what units you need to build. As I got through the single-player missions it became clear that the objectives were going to be a bit more difficult than they looked on paper. Try as I
might, taking the system was going to take a while. Fortunately, even on top speed, this allowed me to write this review while watching things happen.

The soundtrack, which was oddly reminiscent of some of the music from the first Mass Effect, gave me some nice ear candy while I was trying to figure out my next move.

If you’re really into strategy and possess the patience and tactical knowledge to be in this for the long haul, you’ll love this title. If you’re new to strategy and need some practice, the single player missions are excellent.

Thank you to 11bit Studios Launchpad and the SpaceCom team for giving DFAT the opportunity to review this promising title!