Earlier this Summer we shared the first trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man Unlimited mobile game coming out from Gameloft. The company has a pretty great track record with it’s Marvel tie-ins and this one looked pretty great. Getting away from the usual format, Spider-Man Unlimited is a ‘runner’ game like Temple Run.

Today, we have the release trailer for the game and I actually had a chance to play it. I was a little concerned that the game would be dumbed down being a runner, but honestly they just improved upon the format. You can still jump, punch, shoot web, wall crawl, and boss battle like you always have; just in a more linear fashion. The story is great and it seems like they got the voices from the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon. This game is fantastic!! Check out the trailer below.

Unite the Spider-Verse against the new Sinister Six in Spider-Man Unlimited! The comics come to life in in this brand new episodic adventure, featuring the most Spider-Men ever.

Spider-Man Unlimited is out NOW at the App Store, Windows Store, and Google Play!