Sam Fisher’s gone through a lot of crap throughout the years. He was married and then divorced. The strain gave his wife ovarian cancer. They had one child, Sarah, who was kidnapped and then rescued by Sam. The ended up being later killed by a drunk driver. He later finds out that the drunk driver “accident” was actually all an elaborate plot and was planned from the beginning. All these things are enough to drive a normal man to suicide, luckily Sam Fisher is not a normal man. Even with all that’s happened to him, he keeps coming back. And in UbiSoft’s sequel to ‘Conviction’, we will see Fisher take over a new government Counter Terrorist Unit called ‘Fourth Echelon.’ Their sole mission is to to disrupt and destroy a planned series of escalating terror attacks against U.S. interests known as “the Blacklist”.

Below is a trailer for the new game; and though Michael Ironside‘s voice has been replaced by a different voice actor, Ironside is at least back to narrate the film. Also, Fisher seems to have lost about 15 years of life.

Splinter Cell: Blacklist will be released on April 1st, 2013.