With less than a week to get your friends and family some Geekly Gifts for the Holidays, SPOT is making it easier than ever. Using the convenience of the Tinder app, SPOT uses a swiping technology and separates it’s highlighted gifts in three simple categories: Ehh, Want, and Cool. I’ve been playing around with it the last day or so and have to say that it is extremely useful and a bit dangerous. So many geek items on display at my fingertips isn’t good for the wallet! Learn more about it below!

SPOT, the mobile product curation platform, today has launched for iOS and Android, to make sure that every product can be found, shared and discovered. The SPOT app curates product from the top sites around the world, creating a single destination to find the coolest, geekiest and newly launched products in a single feed. With its intuitive swiping gestures, 2d050898-f2f0-4a95-9d88-ed982669aac6users can easily add products into three lists (Ehhh, Cool and Want) based on their interests.

There is also a “Spot” mode, so if you see a cool new product that you like and want to buy or share with your friends, you can Spot it, name it and save it to your list.  How many times have you gone shopping and seen something you want, taken a picture of it, but then get home and can’t remember the details? Use the SPOT app to take a picture, add the information (name, size, price, location, etc.) and then find it quickly again.

“Amazingly, you can’t name pictures with your camera phone, so unfortunately, you take hundreds of pictures of things you see but can’t remember what they are days or even hours later,” said Trace Cohen, Co-Founder of SPOT. “I’ve been attending CES for seven years now and have thousands of pictures of products that I can’t remember what 99% of them are. With SPOT, I can now name them properly and share them with my friends more easily.”

SPOT is building a mobile social network with a community of active Spotters that you can follow who will be taking pictures of all the cool products they see in their everyday lives. If you’re trying to buy your friend a gift for their birthday or the holidays, just go to their Spot lists, see what they want, and buy it! Why guess and feel guilty that they don’t like it?

SPOT currently is curating the best products from:

Cool hunting
Dude I want that
This is why I am broke
Touch of Modern

“The SPOT App was built on the new Famo.us platform, which allowed us to deploy a full MVP to both app stores with a single build in 60 days,” said Forest Mars, CTO of SPOT. “We have been working very closely with the Famo.us team to take full advantage of their robust platform and growing community of over 100,000 developers.”

The SPOT app is currently free to download in the Apple App Store and Google Play with no in-app purchases or affiliate sales to make sure the user experience is seamless and uninterrupted.

SPOT for iPhone Link: http://bit.ly/SpotAppiOS

*Search the Apple App Store for “Spot” or “Spot the cool” the find the app.

Google Play Link: http://bit.ly/SpotAppDroid

About SPOT

SPOT a mobile product recommendation platform that curates from the top sites around the world, to create a central place to discover, find and share cool new products so you can easily swipe through them and add products to lists. Find out more information at www.Spot.io