As you may recall, I’m a pretty huge James Bond fan. I grew up watching ’12 Days of Bond’ on television as a kid, and have seen every Bond movie in the theatre since Goldeneye. When I heard my indie-filmmaker friend, Brett Kelly, was making a Bond spoof; I got super excited to see what he would be doing with his take on the franchise!

Enter: Spyfall. The movie will be shot in locations all around Ottawa, Canada and begins filming in Jan/Feb 2014. Below, we have our first teaser for the film! It looks like the star, Mike Hawk, has his work cut out for him with a couple of femme fatales! Check it out!

Here’s some details from the fundraising page.


SPYFALL is a spy comedy from the makers of the award winning cult comedy hit MY FAIR ZOMBIE. It is a feature film being made in Ottawa, Canada and directed by Brett Kelly.

  • We want this movie to look big like a Bond film, but with laughs! That’s where you come in. The movie features a huge cast and many locations, we will be utilizing more local talent than we have ever used before. Please help support Ottawa film and the talent that works on them.
  • The movie films Jan/Feb 2014
  • Our previous film MY FAIR ZOMBIE was a huge hit at festivals, winning Best Film at the Montreal Horrorfest and Best Comedy Feature at the Buffalo Dreams Film Festival. Our movies GET SEEN. Every one of the 25 feature films directed by Brett Kelly have been released in countries all over the world!
  • We are talking to two NAME ACTORS about appearing in the movie, one of whom is an actual alumni of a BOND MOVIE!


spyfall set photo brett kelly

If you’d like to help Kelly reach his $5,000 goal for making the film, make sure you visit his Indiegogo page HERE. You can also learn more about the movie and Kelly himself at the Spyfall Facebook Page, and Brett Kelly Website. We’ll keep you posted as more Spyfall news comes our way to DFAT!

Spyfall will star: Mark Courneyea as Mike Hawk, Christine Emes, Catherine Mary Clark, and more!


Spyfall Poster