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A round-robin discussion on all things Star Wars featuring the hosts of your favorite podcasts such as Towelite TalkCriticalMass PodcastRuben RomeroColin Pazik aka GamercentsMental Fogcast, and more!

Episode IV: The High Republic

Opening –  From the canopies of Endor to the skeezy underbelly of 1313, this is the Star Warriors Podcast!  On this episode we will be discussing the recently announced High Republic… Joining me are some of my favorite scruffy looking nerf herders. 

Who’s on the show today?

  • Jake
  • Colin
  • Rocco
  • Ruben
  • Project luminous 
    • Thoughts?
  • Whose writing it 
    • Claudia Gray – lost stars, leia books
    • Daniel José Older – solo last shot
    • Charles Soule – countless marvel books incl vader and current SW run
    • Cavan Scott – Jedi Lost, Kids books and YA
    • Justina Ireland – Journey to STar Wars books
  • What’s it about 
    • All publishing – Chldren’s, YA, Adult
    • When’s it take place  – 200 years before TPM


    • Newly minted Jedi leading the charge
    • Nihil – bad guys like Vikings that can fight the jedi
    • No films announced YET
    • First book in August from Soule – Light of the Jedi
  • Characters
  • Questions
    • Will we see Yoda or Maz?
    • Where are the sith if they haven’t existed in ‘1000 years’
  • What do you WANT to see 

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