Episode V : ‘The Clone Wars Final Season’’

Opening –  From the spice mines of Kessel to the sandiest beaches of Naboo, this is the Star Warriors Podcast!  For this episode we will be discussing the final season of The Clone Wars… Joining me are some of my favorite scruffy looking nerf herders and we’re LIVE on Facebook! You can listen to the episode or watch the video below!

Who’s on the show?

  1. When did you first start watching Clone Wars? While it was originally on, post-Disney acquisition, recently? Do you like the original movie?
  2. Ahoska’s journey has made her one of the most popular characters in SW lore. What do you enjoy most about the character and what was your favorite “Ahsoka moment”?
  3. Favorite Clone and why?
  4. The Revenge of Sith tie-ins were pretty solid and shed a more light on that timeline. Do you feel that the final season and the show overall made the prequel period “better”?
  5. I know many of you were not totally accepting of some things they did this season. What would you have like to see done differently? 
  6. Did the final season give the show the closure it needed? 
  7. For those of you who said Rebels was your preferred show over CW, has this changed with CW now having a ending? For those of you who enjoyed CW more how do you feel?


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