Like many of you, I’ve been a Star Wars fan since the beginning of my life. My Aunts were big fans of The Holy Trilogy, and they would rent the tapes from the library for me when I was visiting them. Little me remembers watching the movies out of order, so the last movie was always Empire. This put me in the minority of SW fans, as I LOVED Jedi and the muppety Ewoks, and thought that Empire was too slow and a weird way to end my favorite movies. Obviously things corrected themselves as time went on, but Jedi Star Wars 001-027will always be one my favorite movies.

As time went on, I read some of the books here and there. Shadows of the Empire remains one of my favorite books off all-time, and when I heard it was all turning to ‘Legends’ when Disney bought LucasFilm, I was looking forward to seeing what would happen with everything Star Wars having the same continuity. Rebels is completely amazing, and I started reading A New Dawn. It’s nice to have a bridge between those books and the television show. Chris read Tarkin (read his review Here) and is previewing a copy of the Luke book, Heir to the Jedi. As excited I am about the books and television show, I won’t even talk about the movie cause that’s on a different level; I was most excited about reading the new Star Wars comic from Marvel.

I have LOVED what Jason Aaron has been doing with Thor: God of Thunder. I’ve been a Thor fan, but Star Wars 001-024never have I read anything more engaging from that character than the GOT series. Hearing that he was going to be taking the reigns on the first SW comic had me excited beyond belief. I’m writing this after just finishing the first issue and let me tell you, it IS Star Wars. It’s the humor, the characters, the action, the catch phrases; it’s everything.

I have never read any Star Wars comics that contained characters from the films, aside from Dark Empire. This is the first comic where the old gang is back together and I’m transported right back to being a kid. Han is a braggart, Leia is the diplomatic badass, and Luke is still getting used to having an enormous amount of power, with little idea on how to wield it. This comic is going to tell the story of how we get to Hoth, how Luke actually starts developing Force powers, and the rise of the Empire after dealing with the loss of the Death Star. Star Wars 001-015This is a story that I’ve always wanted to know, and we’re now getting the chance to read it!

I’m not going to ruin the plot of the comic, because you can read yourself. I will say that I loved the writing of the characters. Everyone is true to form and I could hear Ford, Hamill, and Fisher all delivering the lines of dialogue in my head. The action was pretty violent and fast-paced, which I enjoyed. I liked the artwork from John Cassaday better than the stuff at Dark Horse, but I’m not a huge fan. It’s a preference of mine, because I’m sure many others are fine with it. He definitely has the characters looking like the actors, it’s just the blaster shots and lightsaber swooshes could be more dynamic. Like I said, in my opinion only.

Overall, the comic is fantastic and I can see this continuing to be one of the biggest and best series to come out. There’s so many directions that the series can go within the three year timeframe between the episodes. I’d highly recommend the comic, so go out there and snatch it up along with one of it’s MANY variants today!

May the Force Be With You!