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This comic is, in one word, AMAZING! But I will get back to that in a little bit.

First off, let me explain to you the Star Wars funk that I have been in for the past few years. Even the Clone Wars television show that I “mostly” enjoy, isn’t always top-notch nor does it wash the totally dissatisfaction that the prequels left with me! Things have been getting better though. Now that Disney owns the universe and J.J. Abrams is now our master, all things Star Wars are starting to look up again. Now I don’t dismiss everything from the prequels as being bad, I just think that Lucas got too caught up in his story telling and it didn’t quite work right. The movies didn’t have the same feel as the originals and the acting (most of it) was sub-par. In terms of the expanded universe, I really enjoy reading the novels. I’ve been stuck in the middle of the New Jedi Order for a long time now, so getting on to the following series has been a little difficult, especially since most things have been spoiled by me reading the inter-webs and whatnot. I have been a huge fan of the comics since the beginning with Dark Empire, the beginning I of course refer to Dark Horse’s run on the universe. There has been a gap in my Star Wars enjoyment since Legacy ended, there is a new Legacy series starting soon so we will see if it’s as good, and I do hope that it somehow ties into the original story that I followed so closely. Legacy is set in the future of the Star Wars universe, some 125 years after the destruction of the second Death Star at the Battle of Endor. What I have been missing is a Star Wars comic that takes place during my favorite time period, during the rebellion! Aye, there have been a couple of series, Rebellion and Empire, that have taken place during that time…but what I’ve been really looking for are classic tales with a new flare that involve my favorite characters at their best. Then came along Star Wars #1, Dark Horse’s newest book written by Brian Wood and art by Carlos D’Anda and Gabe Eltaeb, with covers by Alex Ross! Like I said before….AMAZING!

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The Top Things I Love About this Book!!

1. The story is set following the Battle of Yavin, this time period is so important in the development of the Rebellion.

2. Luke knows nothing! Vader not known as his father, Leia not known as his sister.

3. Leia is beautiful and a badass! From the beginning of the comic when she takes out a TIE Fighter and then execute its pilot, you know this nubile Princess is on a mission to take down the Empire!

4. Vader is under the gun of the Emperor. Do you remember when you watched Star Wars for the first time and it seemed like Vader was Moff Tarkin‘s lacky? Seriously, Episode 4 was all about him doing what the Moff said and that was that….well now Vader has to answer to the Emperor for the loss of the Death Star.

5. Vader’s hunt for Skywalker begins here. We know the story, we know The Empire Strikes Back but what happened before that? We are about to find out!

6. Han and Chewie, still smugglers at heart who have not totally sold out to the ideals of the Rebel Alliance. I can’t wait for some arcs involving them, dodging crime lords and getting into trouble!!

7. Luke is not a Jedi yet. He has only entered this brave new world, he has a sense of what is to come but he is only starting to develop his skills. This is probably going to be one of my favorite aspects of this new storyline.

8. Endless possibilities of characters who can be brought into these stories. Most stories developed after The Empire Strikes Back happened, there are years and years of material to pick and choose your situations from, there will be a lot of surprises in this series!

The first printing sold out day 1 and it is already back to the presses for its 3rd edition!!! If you are a Star Wars fan I highly suggest you get your hands on this book, subscribe to the series, pick up the trades when they come out, WHATEVER!  Star Wars is going to be a great book with endless possibilities, set in our favorite universe with our favorite characters! Let this wet your pallet before J.J. Abrams blows our mind with whats to come for the future of the Star Wars universe. Star Wars is back and it’s better than ever, thank you Dark Horse for reigniting my passion once again!

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Issue #2 hits stands on February 13th, you can pick it up at your local comic shop or pre-order it at!


Stay tooned 😛